Life Struggles Of Raising A Difficult Toddler

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Before becoming a mom and catching myself raising a difficult toddler, I genuinely had no idea that there were two very different kinds of babies in the world. You had the babies that were easy-going, calm, and only cried when they were hungry, tired, or needed a diaper change. Then, you had the other kind of babies that you rarely hear of that are just fiery little humans.

And I fell victim to the latter kind of babies (totally kidding but also not kidding). Whether you were a mom to the former or the latter kind of baby that evolved into a difficult toddler, I hope you find this blog post about raising a difficult toddler somewhat relatable.

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The Struggles Of Raising A Difficult Toddler

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding other moms that relate to your everyday struggles with your toddler to know that you are not alone. And to find humor in some of the harder times of being a mom to a fiery toddler.

There’s no end to the chaos.

Point blank. It’s like it’s one thing after another at times (or better yet, every day). The everyday life of raising a difficult toddler can almost be compared to a never-ending carousel ride. You’re basically going in circles, cleaning and organizing for your toddler to wipe out all of your hard work, to going back to cleaning and organizing while they’re in bed for the night. And for them to wake up and destroy your house all over again.

You’ll always order carryout or delivery.

Forget going out to eat with your toddler. Unless the food can get to your table within 5 minutes of ordering and you’re able to devour it within the next 5 minutes. Seriously. It’s a nightmare bringing a difficult toddler to a restaurant and expecting them to sit in their high chair for longer than 5 minutes (even with snacks and toys).

Leaving the house is always a bad idea.

I never understood when I got advice from other moms telling me to leave the house and go do something with my cranky, impossible baby who is now my difficult toddler. It just seemed like they were setting me up for failure (kidding).

I know it was with good intentions. But our home was and continues to be our safe haven. This is where she has all of her toys, has unlimited freedom, and a familiar environment to roam free.

Everything will take you 10x longer to get done.

You learn to be flexible with deadlines and timelines in the midst of raising a difficult toddler. For example, as you know, I’m a blogger. I’m a real mom, going through real problems, that write about real tips and experiences that real readers like yourself read.

As much as I’d love to hit every single deadline, it’s not feasible when you’re at home raising a wild little human and you can’t predict when they get sick or hurt. But when your toddler is more on the difficult side, it makes it that much harder to get cooking, cleaning, projects done, or even get through one television show.

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The only time you’ll have peace and quiet is when they’re sleeping.

Difficult toddlers aren’t the easiest to go down for naps and bedtime sleep. But it’s inevitable. They are bound to pass out and you’re bound to finally get some time for yourself. And the peace and quiet you’ve been waiting for all day probably won’t last long. Because you’ll be right there knocked out like a baby.

They will scream and cry for no apparent reason…for hours…

Sometimes it won’t even be a real cry but more like a wailing and constant whining. And there’s no reason for it either. It’s just to get your attention since they’re bored and think it’s fun (no, seriously).

They will get into ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

I was so excited when my fiery little baby started taking steps and walking at 8 months old. Then I quickly started regretting it. That’s because she would start walking fast, eventually running, then sprinting and climbing on the couch and accent table just to try and jump off. And learn to use her body to help herself to whatever she could get her tiny hands on.

My wild toddler also made it quite impossible for me to get any work done on the blog. And that’s because she’s mastered climbing onto my workbench and getting into everything including my laptop.

You physically cannot let your eyes off them.

This goes as an addition to the previous statement. You physically cannot let your eyes off of them when raising a difficult toddler. They are so wild. so adventurous, and such curious little things that they can also get hurt easily. The more adventurous your toddler is, the bigger and more dangerous their stunts will be.

On A Positive Note

There will never be a dull moment when raising a difficult toddler. You’ll forever have a special bond with them through all of the difficult times mixed with more hilarious memories. As hard as some days can be over other days, you know the struggles are short-lived. And they won’t be our little terrors one day.

Stay strong and create a positive outlook on raising your wild, fiery toddler because this world truly needs more of them.

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