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Hey, I’m Nahyun!

-the founder and creator of Lifting Motherhood LLC

When I’m not balancing the role of a writer, editor, social media manager, web designer, photographer, curator, and content manager, I’m just a fun-sized, food-loving, fitness-obsessed, wife and first-time mom

I was inspired to create an avenue where fitness meets motherhood to share health and fitness tips that I personally benefit from, have experienced, and incorporate into my daily routine.


Lifting Motherhood LLC has an actively growing audience and was recently the recipient of the distinction as one of the Top 20 Pregnancy Blogs to follow in 2021 by PitterPatter of Baby Feet.

Blog Stats

May 20, 2021 to June 20, 2021: Pageviews 13,074

Accurate and updated blog stats will be available upon request as numbers and website analytics are constantly changing.

Recent collaborations from The Birth Poster, Coco Village, The Mod Little Shop, and ToyPix

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Let’s Make Magic

IMPORTANT NOTE: Collaboration inquiries will be subject to my review and approval. I will only work with brands that align with my vision, values, and beliefs. I do not and will not provide endorsement or review (product must be provided) until I have been able to thoroughly test and use it myself.

Most importantly, I value my audience and their trust in Lifting Motherhood LLC.

Partnerships and inquiries are welcome at the email below and will receive a response within 5 to 7 business days.