How To Survive The Third Trimester With A Short Torso

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Being a petite pregnant woman definitely comes with its struggles (especially during the third trimester with a short torso). Or you might not even necessarily be petite or vertically challenged but just have a short torso in general. And your baby is running out of room the closer you get to your due date.

As a 5 feet tall mom with a genetically short torso petite frame to a 7lb 4oz, 20-inch baby, I found the third trimester to be one of the longest and most uncomfortable experiences of my life. And because of this experience, I have just the tips and tricks to help you get through the third trimester with more ease.

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1. Eat smaller meals throughout the day.

Instead of eating 3 large meals, spread them into 5 smaller meals. And eat slow and steady so you can feel yourself getting full rather than going from hungry to feeling like you’re going to pop.

2. Don’t wear anything constricting.

Even spandex materials can be constricting depending on the waistband. And believe it or not, some shirts are constricting as well and make you feel like it’s hard to breathe. Opt for flowy, loose-type clothing especially in the third trimester.

3. Stay away from eating close to bedtime.

One of the ways to avoid heartburn and acid reflux is by not eating close to your bedtime (around 2 hours before going to bed).

4. Don’t lay down right after you eat (although it’s so tempting).

I know that feeling of just wanting to roll over after you ate a large, delicious meal. But don’t do it. It’s not worth it and you’re going to be even more uncomfortable. Instead, walk around the house for a few minutes or sit in a chair until you know your food’s made it to your stomach

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5. Drink less carbonated drinks.

I had a huge thing (and still do) for diet cranberry limeades from Sonic. And soda is one of the worst things to drink during your third trimester with a short torso. It’s carbonated, makes you feel overfull, and sometimes spills over and causes you to throw up.

Okay, that sounded super dramatic but you know what I mean if you’ve been through it. It’s such an uncomfortable feeling but the cravings for soda can get real.

6. Go for a walk.

Going for a walk is always the cure to helping you digest foods you may or may not have overeaten (we’ve all been there). And it just helps you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

7. Wear more dresses.

Dresses were my favorite to wear during the third trimester because even the stretchiest leggings were too constricting. Whether I would roll them under my bump or wear them high up to my bra, I couldn’t wait to get out of them and put on my husband’s t-shirt in the house.

That’s why you should stock up on some big, comfy t-shirt dresses or looser, stretchier flowy dresses.

8. Lay more upright.

Place a few pillows on your upper back and lay upright while you sleep so you’re more comfortable. And it makes it easier to get up to go pee or get out of bed.

9. Lay off foods that trigger acid reflux.

And a few of those foods that trigger acid reflux and heartburn are some of our favorite foods like chocolate, spicy foods, and coffee. Other foods include black pepper, garlic, raw onions, citrus fruits, lemons, oranges, orange juice, caffeinated drinks like tea and soda, peppermint, and tomatoes.

10. Skip the bra or wear a looser one.

There’s nothing like the freedom you feel when you take off your bra. And that’s because bras or even some bralettes can be very constricting. For us mamas in the third trimester with a short torso, bras can be frustrating and uncomfortable especially if push against the bottom of your sternum right above your growing baby bump.

Final Thoughts On Surviving The Third Trimester With A Short Torso

The third trimester with a short torso can be incredibly uncomfortable. And I’ve found that adjusting a few things here and there to my wardrobe and lifestyle in the third trimester is what helped me get through the last stretch of my first pregnancy. I hope you find these tips to be helpful and get you through the rest of your pregnancy!

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