11 Chief Life Lessons Learned As A New Mom

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You’ll have more life lessons learned as a new mom than probably just about anything else you go through in life. And that’s because the life lessons you learn when becoming a mom is not just one specific type of lesson.

You will learn a variety of skills pertaining to motherhood, life lessons as a whole (time management, finances, decision-making, planning, communication, empathy), and you’ll attain a special set of eyes and intuition that you wouldn’t have had becoming a mom.

Instead of going over generic life lessons learned as a new mom, in this blog post, I’m going to go over some of the specific things that I’ve either noticed or soon realized as my way of thinking has evolved and plain out experienced being a first-time mom.

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11 Life Lessons Learned As A New Mom

You may not agree with me for some of these that I have listed below. Or you may just not have experienced anything thus far to learn it yet. Additionally, you may never experience it because each of our individual lives is unique including ourselves and our babies.

1. Nobody and nothing else matters.

Except for you, your child, and your immediate family. And sometimes not even your immediate family depending on your family history and dynamic.

After you have a baby, you’ll realize who’s truly there for you and your family and who’s not. But one of the most valuable life lessons I’ve learned as a new mom is that the only people that genuinely matters are the members under my same roof (but again, that might be different for your case).

2. You will never get enough sleep.

You will have the privilege to sleep in some days. And maybe even take multiple naps throughout the day. But you’ll still feel like you need more sleep or that you didn’t get “enough” sleep.

Motherhood is described as waking up from a full night’s rest feeling relentlessly exhausted.

3. No time or energy for the extra BS.

Do you remember when you got super butt heart about so-and-so talking badly about you behind your back? Or when so-and-so didn’t invite you to a girl’s brunch?

Yeah, it might bug you for a good 0.000005 seconds and you’ll get over it. Because you have a little human to take care of, if not 2 or 4 of them.

You seriously don’t have the time or energy for the extra BS that you used to care so much about. You’re going learn that you’ll lose more friends left and right than you ever have, you can’t please everyone, and truth be told, you just don’t have the extra juice in your battery pack to give a crap.

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4. Time flies and you can’t seem to catch up.

Pregnancy may have either gone super slow or super fast. But from the moment you give birth and you experience one of the most joyous times of your life, sleepless nights, all of the special first things in your baby’s first year of life, you will lay down at night staring at the ceiling wondering where the newborn stage has gone.

Time will fly faster than you ever wanted or expected. So take a bunch of photos, videos, and make the most of the time you have with your baby (or babies).

5. If you haven’t learned to have patience, now is your time.

I’d like to consider myself more patient than your average person. But after becoming a mom, I quickly realized I still had a lot more patience to learn.

Your baby will have a meltdown in public, there will be times where you have to wait in a very long line with your baby nearing her nap time, and there will be numerous other situations where you have to keep your cool and be patient. And it’s never going to end so you might as well start learning to be patient.

6. Nobody will test and try you more than your own child.

You baby might be the best, well-behaved baby there was to other people, your friends, and your family. And it might be quite the opposite with you.

That’s because you are mama. Your baby finds comfort and home in you where they can be themselves, be very expressive, and also try you more than anyone has ever tested your buttons. If you have a fiery little human in your hands and find yourself miserable at times, you’ll want to read my blog post here (disclaimer – you may or may not cry reading the post).

7. You will never experience so much chaos and joy at the same time until motherhood.

In the midst of chaos and absolute ridiculousness, you might find yourself either laughing aloud or internally laughing. Because there truly isn’t a time where you’ll experience both chaos and joy at the same exact time until motherhood.

Your little exploring baby might tear up your house while you have your back on them for 5 minutes and turn around and wonder how in the world something so little can do so much damage. But these are the sweet (but crazy) memories you’ll look back on later.

8. Your baby will be an extension to your body.

“They” say all mothers have a sixth sense. A very strong intuition that you attain when you become a mother. And I find that to be true in my case.

You will grow eyeballs in the back of your head, have a gut feeling that only mothers have, and all-in-all feel like your baby is just an extension to your body. When I say your baby is an extension to your body, I mean that you just know, as a mother, when there is something going on with your baby, good or bad.

9. Not all moms are nice and not all mom groups are friendly.

If this statement can’t be any truer. I remember being in so many pregnancy Facebook groups and also motherhood groups thinking I’ll be getting a lot of support from these groups. This is where I would witness some of the nastiest and pettiest arguments and comments bashing soon-to-be moms or moms for innocent questions they had.

And at that moment, I realized that not every mom is created equal and not all motherhood groups are friendly. This is also true in real life. You will encounter some of the meanest and rudest mommies but that’s where you have to put on your grown woman pants and eliminate those toxic people from your life.

10. People will constantly tell you how to be a mom.

There’s nothing wrong with being given tips and tricks to certain things, especially when asked for. But there’s also nothing more irritating and annoying than being given advice or orders from moms that think they know everything.

One of the life lessons learned as a new mom is literally being told how to be a mom no matter how many years of experience you’ve had and no matter how many kids you have.

11. You’ll become a multitasking queen.

If you’re not already a huge multitasker, then you’re going to learn really quickly. You’ll start growing an extra set of arms or two actually (not literally but you know what I mean).

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve encountered these 11 life lessons learned as a new mom or not, I hope you found this blog post relatable and somewhat insightful. What is a major life lesson you’ve learned becoming a new mom that I haven’t gone over in this post? Comment below!

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