11 Important Life Lessons Learned Becoming A Mom

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Becoming a mom comes with lots of important life lessons and attained skills. You’ll learn a variety of things including time management, finances, decision-making, planning, communication, empathy, and so much more.

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11 Important Life Lessons Learned Becoming A Mom

Some of these life lessons I learned becoming a mom will be cliche and something you already knew before having babies. But you won’t have truly experienced it until you’ve had children!

1. Nobody and nothing else matters.

Except for you, your child, and your immediate family. Unfortunately your friends will come and go. You’ll have those friends that are there to stay for a lifetime and those that come and go for a season or two.

After you have a baby, you’ll realize who’s truly there for you and your family and who’s not. But one of the most valuable life lessons I’ve learned as a new mom is that the only people that genuinely matters are the ones under the same roof.

2. You will never get enough sleep.

You will have the privilege to sleep in some days. And maybe even take multiple naps throughout the day. But you’ll still feel like you need more sleep.

Motherhood is described as waking up from a full night’s rest feeling relentlessly exhausted. And this is especially true when you have young children.

3. No time or energy for the extra BS.

This one may vary depending on your personality. But honestly, after you have kids, you really don’t have the time or energy to deal with extra bull crap.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get your feelings hurt from time to time because you weren’t invited to a brunch. However, it will bother you for a split second and realize it really doesn’t matter.

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4. Time flies and you can’t seem to catch up.

Pregnancy may have either gone super slow or super fast. But between giving birth, all the sleeping nights, baby’s teething cycles, all the special firsts, you will lay down at night staring at the ceiling wondering where your little newborn baby went.

Time will fly faster than you ever wanted or expected. So it’s so important to take it slow, learn to appreciate all the rough times of motherhood, and photograph every stage of life.

5. If you haven’t learned to have patience, now is your time.

I’d like to consider myself more patient than your average person. But after becoming a mom, I quickly realized I still had a lot more patience to learn.

There are times where you’ll lose your patience and you’re not alone. What matters is realizing you lost your patience and working on yourself to grow more!

6. Nobody will test and try you more than your own child.

Your baby might be the best, well-behaved baby there was to other people, your friends, and your family. And be the quite opposite for you.

That’s because you are their mom. Your baby finds comfort and home in you where they can be themselves, be very expressive, and also try you more than anyone has ever tested your buttons. If you have a fiery little human in your hands and find yourself miserable at times, you’ll want to read my blog post here.

7. You will never experience so much chaos and joy at the same time until motherhood.

In the midst of chaos and absolute ridiculousness, you might find yourself either laughing aloud or internally laughing. Because there truly isn’t a time where you’ll experience both chaos and joy at the same exact time until motherhood.

8. Your baby will be an extension to your body.

They say all mothers have a sixth sense. A very strong intuition that you attain when you become a mother.

You will grow eyeballs on the back of your head and have a natural instinct that only mothers have for their baby. When I say your baby is an extension to your body, I mean that you just know, as a mother, when there is something going on with your baby, good or bad.

9. Not all moms are nice and not all mom groups are friendly.

Just because a woman becomes a mom doesn’t mean it makes them nice. That’s something you have to learn.

I have witnessed some of the rudest and most miserable group of women on mom groups so don’t take it to heart. Just ignore them and move past them!

But not all moms are like that. I have found the most amazing group of mom friends who have some of the kindest souls I’ve ever been around. You just have to find your tribe and this may take some time.

10. People will constantly tell you how to be a mom.

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There’s nothing wrong with other seasoned moms giving you advice on whatever it is that you asked for. And that’s the key word – asked.

However, you will get a lot of unwarranted advice from moms typically who are in a completely different generation than you. And it’s totally okay for you to say thank you but NO thank you.

You know what you’re doing so don’t let anyone else make you feel like you’re being a bad mom.

11. You’ll become a multitasking queen.

If you’re not already a multitasker, then you’re going to learn very quickly. With a new set of eyeballs on the back of your head, new motherhood instincts, and learning to be in 4 different places at once, there’s no way you won’t be a multitasking queen.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this post on life lessons becoming a mom to be relatable and somewhat insightful. What is a life lesson that you learned when you became a mom that I didn’t go over in this blog post? Comment below!

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