Microblading And Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Experience

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I recently got an eyebrow tattoo removal after getting my eyebrows tattooed (or microbladed) in 2016.

Eyebrow microblading has become super popular in the past 5 years but it’s been around since 2010. It’s so popular that microblading has branched off into different types of eyebrow tattoos like nano brows, combo brows, ombre brows, and powder brows.

Permanent eyebrows as we remember it looked like this.

eyebrow tattoo
Credit to Guiding Mommy

Okay maybe more like this.

permanent brow tattoo
Credit to The Sun

You know what I mean when I say permanent eyebrow tattoo. It looks like work from a local tattoo artist rather than a licensed microblading artist.

I feel like a lot of the microblading before and after photos I’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest are of people with decent amounts of hair on their brows.

But not me! I definitely had brow hair strands but they weren’t dark and they had no shape. So semi permanent eyebrows sounded extremely appealing to me.

First Encounter With Microblading

My mom owned a day spa in town and I used to work at the front desk every weekend when I was in high school.

Next door was a yoga studio that also offered massage therapy because the owner was a masseuse. She also got into microblading and other semi permanent makeup.

She was offering a very affordable price to first time microblading clients and of course I jumped on it not really doing my research.

From what I remember, I did check out some of her before and after photos of her work and they weren’t bad for being a newly certified microblading artist.

It was cheap, the work looked good, and it sounded even better knowing I wouldn’t have to draw my eyebrows in every morning.

Here is a picture of me before my eyebrow tattoo and me drawing them in with a brow pencil.

before microblading

Another thing I dreaded about drawing in my eyebrows was that it never looked the same every day.

before eyebrow tattoo

I can’t find any pictures of my microbladed eyebrows freshly done the first time but this one is as close as we will get.

microbladed eyebrows

You can see the hair strokes but you can also see that they’re not exactly symmetrical. But I don’t even think it bothered me at the time because I was so hype about having eyebrows 24/7.

Two Year Touch Up

In 2018, I found a well known microblading artist in Franklin, TN that agreed to do a touch up and also try to make my eyebrows more symmetrical. She made no promises but I trusted her.

And this was the final product.

Just kidding! This is where the product soaks in after the microblading process is finished.

And this was the day after my eyebrow tattoo touch up. You can tell it’s freshly done because it’s dark.

She also tried to fix the asymmetry as best as she could and made my right eyebrow (left if you’re looking at the picture) a little thicker.

microblading tattoo years later

My eyebrows looked a lot better and more symmetrical than they did the first time I got them microbladed.

But as years passed, my semi permanent eyebrows started to fade without regular touch ups. It’s recommended to get a microblading touch up annually.

I decided to let them fade even though they were turning grayish because I knew I eventually wanted to get them completely removed and redone.

I don’t have a good before photo to put together a microblading before and after picture but here’s a photo of me 4 years after the very first time I got my semi permanent eyebrows and 2 years after my touch up.

microblading results
Swollen kissy face taken days before I gave birth

It’s faded and my left eyebrow (right eyebrow if you’re looking at the picture) is rounder than my other brow. Other people didn’t really notice it until I’d point it out. But I was dead set on getting an eyebrow tattoo removal.

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Discovering Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

It took me from 2016 to 2023 to finally get my eyebrow tattoo removal I’ve been wishing for all these years. One of the main reasons why I didn’t get it done sooner was because I was pregnant for 5 of those 7 years.

It worked out in the long run. When I looked up eyebrow tattoo removal years ago, I could only find saline removal and microneedling. Microneedling would be done by an aesthetician and would not be guaranteed.

Laser removal was another option. However, it wasn’t an appealing option at the time. I saw several reviews about the pain, the bleeding, the keloid scars, and I was scared.

Fast forward to 2023 living in Alabama and an hour and a half from Atlanta, Georgia. After tons of research, I found a brow artist of my dreams.

I sent photos to Milly by Brows by Milly asking what she recommended for the future of my poor eyebrows. She recommended I get them laser removed prior to her working on them for a clean slate.

So I did just that and booked my appointment with Milly for later this year to get my eyebrow tattoo again.

Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

microblading laser removal

I went to Premier Image Cosmetic & Laser Surgery in Sandy Springs, Georgia and seen Joyce. She was recommended by Milly.

The first picture is while I was waiting to be taken back. The second picture is the numbing cream that she put on for roughly 30 minutes. And the third photo is right after the laser eyebrow tattoo removal.

The laser felt like a ton of rubber bands flicking at your eyebrows at once. It was in between very painful and very annoying. I had to take a break here and there for each brow.

And the crazy thing is that all together, it only took about 10-15 minutes. I can’t even imagine how bad it would hurt if I didn’t have the numbing cream.

It did bleach my brow hair blonde in areas. Joyce told me that it would grow back normal and that it would take up to 8 weeks for the microblading to fade.

laser eyebrow tattoo removal
First 2 days after | Second 4 days after | Third 12 days after

She also said it should only take one eyebrow tattoo removal session. And I hope she’s right!

I can tell that it’s fading more and more each day but not as much as I was expecting it to.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Update December 20, 2023

My first eyebrow tattoo removal was on August 4. After sending Milly (the brow artist I am going to) pictures of my eyebrows, she told me I would need another tattoo removal session.

So on December 19, I drove to Premier Image Cosmetic & Laser Surgery to see Joyce again.

The picture above is 24 hours after my second eyebrow tattoo removal with her and I feel like my eyebrows are non existent now.

I’m hoping whatever ink is left on my eyebrows fade as weeks go by and I’ll be sure to come back to post more updates! My microblading session with Milly is now moved to February 13, 2024!

Microblade Removal Updates

I’ll be back to update on my eyebrow tattoo removal progress. I will say I love that my eyebrows aren’t so black and gray.

Even though my eyebrows look kind of funky right now, I’m so happy I went through with the laser microblade removal.

It’s still not as naked as it once was before the microblading journey. So I just have to minimally draw them in with my favorite Anastasia eyebrow pencil.

Anywho, I’ll be back for more updates! Don’t forget to pin this post.

eyebrow tattoo removal pin

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