Newton Baby Play Yard Honest Review

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Searching for the perfect play yard or play pen for your baby is a difficult task in today’s world where there’s an extensive selection of them in all different price range, brands, and specs.

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A play yard is basically a framed enclosure with mesh sides to provide a safe space for babies to sleep and play. It is also referred to as a pack and play or a baby playpen.

play pen pack and play

You might be familiar with Newton Baby because of their famous newton mattress that was rated number 1 for baby crib mattresses.

However, baby mattresses is not the only thing Newton Baby offers.

They offer a wide variety of mom favorites like pregnancy pillows, bassinets, kid play couches, and a travel crib and play yard.

Newton Baby Travel Crib And Play Yard

Similar to Newton Baby’s competitors, you can purchase their play yard with or without the bassinet insert. And this is especially convenient if your baby is mobile and don’t need the bassinet insert.

They even give you the option to come back and purchase just the bassinet insert to attach it to your play yard.

Newton Baby’s new travel crib and play yard has the largest play yard floor on the market which makes it more versatile than other play yards because it can grow with your baby in different stages of their life.

newton baby pack and play

I was able to fit both my 3 year old and 15 month old (even though she is a teeny tiny 15 month old due to being a preemie) with plenty of room.

It also has a very welcoming design where my toddler wants to spend her quiet time in it. And the zipper on the side panel adds the perfect touch of convenience for easy access.

newton play yard

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Why We Love Our Newton Baby Play Yard

There are some products that you come across as a mom that are worth bragging about and this is one of them.

I’ve gone through several different bassinets, play yards (or pack and play), and play pens as a mom of 3.

Some of them worked. Some of them didn’t. And some of them worked at first but did not last due to poor quality.

Here are some key reasons why we love our Newton Baby Play Yard:

  • It was extremely easy to assemble because of the easy-to-read instructions.
  • It is very compact, light, and easy to travel with (the travel bag is included).
  • The entire play yard is 100% washable which was a HUGE winner for us.
  • My 3 year old and 15 month old girls love it and want to spend their time in it.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing with their modern design and breathable quilted insert.
  • The material used is top notch and premium quality.

One of the biggest problems I had with our other play yard and play pens was that the entire thing was not washable.

Newton has the only breathable and washable play yard on the market.

Overall Review

Newton Baby Travel Crib and Play Yard is by far the best pack and play my family has ever had.

If you skipped through all of the specific reasons why we love our travel crib then just know this.

It’s light weight, easy to travel with, has amazing room without looking bulky and taking up too much space in our house, and it’s very versatile.

And what I mean by versatile is that it is so compact that I can take it anywhere with me, I can place this play pen anywhere in my house while I get chores done, and my toddler thinks it’s a little house for her to have quiet time.

I love that the travel crib can grow with us if we decide to grow our family by ordering the bassinet insert on their website.

And most importantly, the entire thing is washable. So no more stressing about getting a stain out of areas that are not washable!

Newton Baby Play Yard is 10000000% worth it and I can help you save a little extra by using code LM35 to get $35 off orders over $175!

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