5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Gender Reveal Party

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When I was pregnant with my first baby, I knew I could not wait to find out the gender until a gender reveal party. I was actually so impatient to know if my baby was going to be a boy or girl that I took the Sneak Peek test (at-home gender test) at 8 weeks pregnant.

If I remember correctly, it took about a week for my results to come back and it came straight into my inbox. I recall being so nervous when I saw that Sneak Peek e-mailed me the results of the gender test.

And the result indicated a girl. So I knew I was having a girl even at my private ultrasound that I had at 15 weeks pregnant with my husband, mother-in-law, and niece. And that ultrasound only confirmed the results!

Although I was very anxious to know my first baby’s gender that I just knew I couldn’t wait to have a gender reveal party, I gained some patience for my second pregnancy.

After several weeks of being pregnant with my second baby, I threw out the idea of having a gender reveal party to both my husband and some friends. And my friends actually got together and threw a beautiful, gender reveal party for us.

You can watch our gender reveal down below (please don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel!).

5 Reasons Why You Should Throw A Gender Reveal Party

I’m in no way trying to convince you to have a gender reveal party. However, since I had the experience of both having a private ultrasound to find out the baby’s gender with my family and a gender reveal party, I’d like to share some personal insight.

1. The suspense is exciting and it’s not as long as waiting until birth.

I’m not sure how some women wait until birth to find out the gender. I mean ultrasounds weren’t used in obstetrics until the 1960’s so women generations after generations have been team green (when you wait until birth to know the baby’s gender).

But seriously, having a gender reveal party is perfect for those of you that can wait for a little while but also want to know the baby’s gender before they’re giving birth.

The suspense is exhilarating and I was very nervous but also excited weeks leading up to our gender reveal. And on top of that, it’s seriously the perfect little treat for being about halfway into the pregnancy journey.

2. It’s an opportunity to bring friends and family together to celebrate.

Often times, we tend to let life get in the way of making time for our friends and family. Unless, there’s a big or semi-big occasion such as the celebration of a couple’s baby’s gender.

And this is how a gender reveal party would be the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family together to have a good time.

Once my friends and I got a set date and place, I bought a gender reveal text invitation I was able to edit and sent them out to my friends (since we don’t have any family who live nearby).

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3. A gender reveal can be a glimpse of hope for a woman going through a rough pregnancy.

A lot of us go through very rough pregnancies. And some of the more unfortunate pregnant women never seem to get a break with abnormal things happening during the early stages of pregnancy.

So throwing a gender reveal party or having a friend throw one could be that glimpse of hope a woman needs, who’s experiencing a tough pregnancy

It’s the small things like this, having friends and family gathered to celebrate you and the baby, that can truly make a huge difference in mood.

4. It’s a pretty memorable experience that you’ll look back on years later.

I mean seriously. I don’t think I could ever forget our gender reveal. We even had the party filmed and uploaded to Youtube (the video is shown below).

Even if you don’t go to the extent I did with recordings, you’ll have beautiful photos and the memories in your head to always look back on. And also be worth printing them out to add to your baby book.

5. The moment feels unbelievably special.

And not only just for you and your partner. But for the celebration of your baby. I am so thankful for my friends who threw our gender reveal party because we were able to experience something that we could quite possibly never experience again (if this does become our last baby).

Sometimes, I feel bad that I didn’t really do anything big for my first baby (in terms of finding out the gender). However, I did surprise my husband with a balloon with pink confetti inside the balloon so that when he popped it, he would know we were having a girl.

But, that was an absolute fail. Here’s how.

I got a multi-color balloon that looked black when it wasn’t blown up and when I blew it up, it was pink (lol). On top of that, I could barely fit the pink confettis into the balloon, half of it got stuck on the inner sides of the balloon, and when my husband went to pop it, nothing really came out but a few specks of pink glitter.

Either way, he knew we were having a girl hahaha.

Why We Decided To Have A Gender Reveal Party

My husband and I ultimately decided that we wanted to have a gender reveal for this baby because of several different reasons. A very big reason was because we knew this might be our last baby and we wanted to experience having a gender reveal before we wouldn’t be able to at all.

We also have a very close-knit family of friends that have been through a lot with us and even during our first pregnancy that we felt like this was a very special occasion to celebrate all together before a lot of us PCS’ed (permanent change of station meaning they got different military assignment to move).

Watch Our Gender Reveal For Our Second Baby

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Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that having a gender reveal party is a fun way to celebrate the gender of a baby. If you’re interested in different gender reveal ideas, it wouldn’t hurt to check out What Moms Love’s 75 gender reveal ideas.

I hope you enjoyed this read and the video!

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