10 Reasons Why Being Pregnant During Winter Is The Absolute Best

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It’s a normal thing to have a preference of when you want to be pregnant and mine happens to be being pregnant during winter. Some women prefer to be pregnant during the summer and others during the winter.

I guess I’m a bit bias because I’ve only been pregnant during the winter, but I seriously could not imagine a better time to be pregnant and I’ll go over the top reasons in this blog post. Lucky for me (but also not lucky because my two babies will have birthdays a week apart), I’ll be pregnant for the second time during the winter.

being pregnant in the winter

10 Reasons Why Being Pregnant During Winter Is The Best

Don’t get me wrong. The winter is by far not my favorite season. But it’s something about cold weather and pregnancy that just go together. And it doesn’t help that I had the smoothest first cold weather pregnancy.

1. You don’t have to worry about getting super hot

You already get overheated during pregnancy. Can you imagine naturally being overheated mixed in with summer heat (especially if you live in the humid south).

2. Sweats and leggings are for the win

Seriously though. There’s nothing wrong with living your best pregnant life in sweatpants and leggings. I always applauded the pregnant women who wore jeans and a nice blouse and blazer while being pregnant during winter.

Me? The closest I got to look like a civilized person was when I wore a ribbed, turtleneck sweater dress and knee-high boots.

3. Throw blanket heaven and fuzzy socks

I’m being dead serious when I tell you that you need this throw blanket in your life. Whenever I wasn’t commuting to my accelerated nursing program, I was snuggled up in this super soft throw blanket and I even brought it to the hospital with me when I went into labor. And the nurse felt it and asked where I got it and she legit bought it on the spot because she loved it so much.

That’s the greatest part of being pregnant during winter. It’s already cold outside, your body is overheating because you’re creating a human being, you save on your electric bill (rather than blasting your AC), and you get to snuggle up in cozy throw blankets and fuzzy socks.

4. You can cover your insecurities with extra clothes

You’re naturally going to gain weight during pregnancy. And sometimes it’ll be more than you anticipated or the placements of the weight gained might not be where you’d like it to be.

That’s why when you’re pregnant during the winter, you get to add more clothing to your body to cover those insecurities. As much as we all want to love and accept our bodies, pregnancy hormones can get real and cause us to have more insecurities than we normally would.

You may feel like the sexiest pregnant woman ever one day and then feel like a beluga whale the next. Pregnancy hormones can make us go bonkers but the good news is that you’re not expected to put on a bikini during the winter.

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5. Darker earlier means more sleep

Hibernation isn’t just for the bears. It’s for pregnant women who are pregnant during winter. Especially on your days off of school or work, the darkness makes you sleep in longer and go to bed earlier.

6. Less risk of pit sweat, underboob sweat, and crack sweat

I’ve never been pregnant in the summer but I’ve heard some very uncomfortable stories of having sweat stains where you never thought you’d have them. Luckily, you don’t have to worry too much about sweating profusely during a winter pregnancy.

7. Don’t worry about shaving

Are you kidding me? Not shaving while pregnant during winter or summer should be socially acceptable. Because it’s so hard to reach anything those last few months of pregnancy.

But unlike being pregnant during the summer, you don’t have to worry about your hairy Chewbacca legs because of sweats season!

8. Lots of soup and liquids

It can be a challenging task for some women to get in their daily water intake to be properly hydrated. But with all of the soups, hot liquids, tea, hot cocoa, and warm broths you eat and drink during the winter solves that issue.

And these things also help you feel full faster so you’re less likely to overeat on unnecessary calories to keep you had a healthy pregnancy weight gain.

9. Less petting zoo action

Do you hate when people automatically see your baby bump and feel the need to pet you? It’s even more inappropriate during this time of a global pandemic.

Well here’s a huge perk of being pregnant during winter for those that despise feeling like a petting zoo. You’re less obligated to attend social gatherings which reduces being petted. And during a cold weather pregnancy you can layer lots of clothes when you go to the stores and practically make your bump less noticeable or available for people.

10. Major holidays and food

There’s nothing better than being pregnant during pumpkin season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s because of all the food and potluck parties. And you don’t have to worry about being bloated or looking a bit round because well, you have a growing baby inside of you.

Final Thoughts

You may or may not agree with me when I say being pregnant during winter is the absolute best. But I hope you enjoyed this blog post. And I thank all of my Twitter mom friends that helped shape this blog post a whole lot better!

best time to be pregnant

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