20 Heart-Warming Ideas For Christmas For Moms

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Coming up with ideas for Christmas for moms might be one of the most difficult tasks you’ll encounter. And that’s because your mom might tell you they don’t need or want anything.

But trust me, this is the only time I’ll tell you not to listen to your mom.

What do moms really want for Christmas?

Moms are typically sleep-deprived and need some TLC (tender, loving, care). What does this mean for you?

Some of the best gifts to give a mom who doesn’t want anything is to schedule a massage, spa day, or a day to herself where she can sleep or do whatever she’d like without the kids.

This will mean you’d either have to take take the kids somewhere yourself or get a babysitter.

What gifts should I give to my mother?

One of the best ideas for Christmas for moms is simply free, kidless time for themselves.

However, if that’s something that may be too difficult to give her as a gift, you could consider other options.

Whether it’s a big gift or a small gift, the thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for moms that I go over in this post is bound to put a smile on any mom’s face.

Personalized Gifts For Moms

Some of my all-time favorite gifts I’ve ever received were personalized gifts. I feel like they have so much meaning behind the gift that it makes for the best gifts.

My husband has gifted me several personalized gifts from our daughter to me for different holidays and special occasions like a happy 28th birthday mom onesie from Etsy.

Birthstone Jewelry

A personalized birthstone ring with all of the kids’ birthstones on it would be so beautiful. The only tricky part would be trying to find out the mom’s ring size without ruining the surprise.

Initial Necklace

Another great jewelry gift idea for Christmas for moms is a personalized initial pendant necklace with each of the children’s initials and birthdates.

Personalized Cutting Board

What sweet gift than a personalized cutting board for the mom that spends probably too much time in the kitchen to feed the family.

Personalized Throw Blanket

You seriously cannot go wrong with getting a personalized throw blanket with a collection of family photos and special memories put on a fuzzy, comfortable blanket.

Family Names Sign

I love the idea of getting a mom a personalized family names sign with each member of the family that can be hung on the wall as a perfect sentimental gift.

Personalized Tumbler

I always tell my husband, a girl can’t have too many cups. Whether it’s a personalized tumbler, personalized coffee mug, or etched glass, it’s one of the best gifts you can get.

Birthstone Bracelet

This might be a better option than the birthstone ring if you are trying to keep your Christmas gift a secret from your mom. You don’t have to worry about trying to find the ring size when getting a personalized birthstone bracelet!

Custom Scrapbook

If your mom is a scrapbooker, then you’ll want to get her a custom scrapbook personalized specifically for her.

Personalized Apron

A personalized apron with your mom’s name on it would make a beautiful Christmas gift that she could wear every day she’s in the kitchen.

Personalized Pocket Mirror

Moms are always on the go and in a hurry to get from point A to point B. And something that may make them feel more put together and at ease is a personalized pocket mirror for when they’re on the go.

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Other Gift Ideas For Christmas For Moms

You don’t have to get your mom a personalized Christmas gift to let her know she is special. There’s a wide range of other amazing gifts for moms that you can get her for Christmas.

Hot Brush Tool

Like I said earlier, your mom is probably always on the go or just doesn’t have the extra time to sit and curl their hair or even get their hair done. A hot brush tool will give them a fresh blowout look as if they just stepped out of the hair salon.

Apple Watch

An Apple Watch Series 7 is a big gift and well-worth it too! She can use it to call, text, use the GPS, and other cellular options right from her watch. Or you could always get an older model like the Apple Watch Series 3 which has a ton of perks.

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Your mom might be the type that loves baking or cooking in general. You can’t go wrong with the Kitchen Aid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer.

Ninja Coffee Bar System

Every mom drinks coffee (well so it seems). Because how else would we survive the day? Make her the happiest and most energetic mom with this Ninja Coffee Glass Carafe System.

Yeti Cup

I love my Yeti cups. And just about everyone I know who owns a Yeti product loves it.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Some of the best quality sunglasses I’ve ever had were Ray-Ban sunglasses. They’re a little pricey because they do a great job protecting the eyes.

Professional Curling Iron

The Body Waver Professional Curling Iron can seriously make getting ready easier for moms that need a date night out.

Local Day Spa Gift Card

People say gift cards don’t make for good gifts. But I don’t think any mom would disagree with a local day spa gift card.

Foot Massager

And if you don’t live close to a day spa or have access to a good one in town, then why not bring the day spa to your mom. A heated foot massager that does everything a person could do but better would make for a perfect Christmas gift for any tired mom.

Facial Kit

There are so many different face masks out there but my favorite is the facial face mask sheets that lay over your face since it’s mess-free. And if your mom already owns 5 too many of these facial mask sheets, then how about you amplify her at-home facial experience with a facial steamer to help open up her pores.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found these gift ideas for Christmas for moms to be helpful on your Christmas shopping journey! It can be quite a difficult task shopping for a woman so don’t forget to save the Pinterest pin below for next year’s Christmas shopping for moms!

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