SAHM Vivint Security System Review 2023 | Vivint vs ADT

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SAHMs (stay-at-home-moms) rely on smart home security systems. I’m a stay at home who’s gone from having no home security system to ADT security system to now Vivint smart home.

I don’t ever recommend anyone go without a home security system. And here’s some of my top reasons for having one installed in our home.

  1. Protection from potential break-ins and our home security system sign advertises that our property is secure
  2. The ability to lock and unlock my door when I’m away from the house right from my app.
  3. A peace of mind knowing my Vivint security system is monitoring my house 24/7 and will alarm me of home invasion, fire, and carbon monoxide detection.

Before you continue reading, this blog post was not sponsored by Vivint smart home nor ADT home security. This is strictly from my own personal experience with them.

ADT vs Vivint Security System

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Vivint is one of ADT’s top competitors. They have a plethora of similarities in services, equipment and monitoring. And they are both well-known providers of home security systems in the United States.

According to Forbes Home, Vivint wins best security company for top-of-the-line equipment and great prices. And their app is top rated.

ADT Home Security Experience

As a former ADT customer, here are some things I liked and disliked about my two years with them.

First off, ADT was cheaper for us than Vivint. But the quality was night and day to me. The quality of each camera in and around the house including the doorbell was much clearer than ADT’s camera.

Every time I checked the front door, it timed out on me constantly which was frustrating.

Secondly, ADT home security ran off our wifi. So when our wifi was down, ADT was also down.

And ADT cameras did not record 24/7 like Vivint security system does.

But for the not-so-great quality cameras, laggy service, and potentially having an ADT outage if the internet goes out, it was well worth the cheaper monthly price we were paying.

Vivint Security System Experience

Vivint was like that shiny new object that I found myself noticing when I would go to my friends or family’s house that had a Vivint security system.

I remember when my mother in law switched from ADT to Vivint alarm system and her doorbell would whistle when I’d be at their front door and be like wow (shiny object syndrome over here haha). Or the spotlight capability at night. And the ability to talk on any of your outdoor cameras (you could only do that with the doorbell camera on ADT).

When were sold on Vivint, we were expecting to have to wait a week or two to have a technician come out. But to our surprise, someone came just hours after we signed our contract.

Like I mentioned earlier, Vivint home security system cameras are night and day from ADT’s camera quality. Each view is crystal clear and I love the 180° x 180° doorbell field of view that ADT didn’t have.

I love that all of their cameras shoot in 4k and in night vision. But my most favorite part of Vivint is how their home security system runs through cellular not wifi, to avoid any disconnection or lagging like our ADT cameras always did.

My husband and I wanted to replace all of the ADT cameras we had and add another security system in our garage that ADT didn’t offer. And it was just a little more a month than we were paying for ADT home security.

Vivint security system had quick and professional installation. And the whole smart home bundles into 1 app rather than running multiple apps.

It was a little more cost for A LOT more and better technology in terms of quality and potential to add more smart home integration services.

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ADT And Vivint Home Security System

ADT is one of the oldest (we’re talking 100 plus years) and most recognized names in the home security industry. And they offer more traditional alarm systems as well as newer technologies.

When I say traditional, I mean old school. Whereas Vivint is “new school” with newer technology and a slightly more modern approach to smart home security system.

However, Vivint is a newer company compared to ADT. And they are also known for its emphasis on smart home integration. Vivint home security also focuses on creating a connected smart home ecosystem.

In Conclusion

Although we now pay a little more for Vivint security system than ADT home security, this might not be the case for you.

The thing that Vivint won us over with was that we were able to sit down and tell Zack (our Vivint friend) what our dream package was. He would then give us a monthly quote and we would be able to deduct from our package to fit our budget.

Zack was actually the second Vivint guy that came by our house to try and steal our hearts. And I would not be writing this blog post if it wasn’t for his hard work and dedication.

There is a huge promotion going on this week, where Zack can save you a ton of money. Here is his contact information to get you set up with your first smart home security system with Vivint or switch you from ADT or other old school home security systems that are running through your wifi.

Contact Zack Andersen at zack.andersen@vivint.con and make sure you mention Lifting Motherhood. He will hook you up!

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