Frequently Asked Questions About Breastfeeding With Implants Answered

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Prior to launching Lifting Motherhood, one of my biggest goals as a writer was to be completely transparent with my readers. And that’s why I decided to create a blog post specifically on breastfeeding with implants. I’ve had several moms ask if having breast implants hindered me from breastfeeding if it affected my milk production if it ruined my breast implants and more.

Prior to getting this surgical enhancement, I wanted to make sure I was able to breastfeed my future babies. And after I did my research I was pleasantly surprised that moms all over the world had no issues with breastfeeding after undergoing breast augmentation.

However, the placement of implants has affected moms’ ability to breastfeed. For example, you have the option of getting your implants placed under or above the muscle. My surgeon recommended going under the muscle (at the time of the consultation) which would allow me to breastfeed in the future. 

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Reason For Breast Implants

I ultimately decided to get breast implants because in 2015 I prepped for my first NPC bikini competition. And as you already know, our breast is made out of fat. When we lose weight and burn fat, we don’t get to choose where it comes from. Unfortunately, losing weight meant losing any fat I had that made up my breast. I was naturally a smaller chested gal.

I scheduled the breast augmentation a week after my NPC bikini competition. After going under the knife, it took a good couple of weeks to not feel sore from the surgery. But it took longer than that for the swelling in my chest to go down. 

Can you breastfeed with under the muscle implants?

Yes. That is the type of breast implant I have. To be specific, I have round, high-profile silicone breast implants placed under the muscle. And I’ve had no issues with breastfeeding or with my milk supply.

Will breastfeeding ruin my implants?

Not that I’m aware of. Personally, I haven’t had any issues with my implants. The only thing I have noticed (but my husband has not), is that I’ve noticed my breast tissue is not as elastic. My breasts sit a bit lower than they have previous to breastfeeding. This is normal in breastfeeding moms who don’t have breast implants. So I figured this is just a natural thing that happens after you breastfeed.

During Pregnancy

Literally ever since we shared our pregnancy news, I kept getting asked if I’m going to be able to breastfeed with breast implants (friends that knew I had implants). I’m not going to lie, these questions started making me doubt that I would be able to breastfeed although my surgeon had previously told me I would be able to. So I decided to do my research again. And nothing changed from the first time I looked at this topic (thankfully).

My breast implants were not affected during my pregnancy. If anything, my boobs grew twice as much (pretty normal with all the swelling and body changes).

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Breastfeeding With Implants

Emory surprisingly latched on perfectly since day 1. And I actually joked that she latched on so great because my boobs were big enough for her to find. My milk production and feeding my daughter were not at all affected by my breast implants.

There were several times I had clogged ducts and one time I had mastitis. And this is COMPLETELY normal for mamas who breastfeed, pump, or are naturally an over-supplier. But warm compresses will be your best friend during these unfortunate times. Just get a damp towel, microwave for a minute or two, and place it on your clogged duct.

Since they were placed under my pectoral muscles, I wasn’t worried about anything freakish happening. Like if my daughter was to “bite” me and somehow rupture the implants and leaking through my breastmilk. I swear becoming a mom will make you think of the worst-case scenario.

Takeaway With Breast Implants

One thing you do have to keep in mind is that no two experiences of breastfeeding with implants will be the same. Although I did not encounter any problems with breastfeeding with implants does not necessarily mean that other moms who underwent breast augmentation had the same experience.

I actually do have friends with breast implants who struggled to breastfeed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it was the breast implants. It could have easily been a latching issue, low milk production, or other problems. My mom (who did not have breast implants) wasn’t able to breastfeed for longer than a week after I was born. And that was because she didn’t produce a lot of milk. She also did not have the lactation support a lot of women have today.

The only thing I can say that my breast implants have affected was my overall chest size. They grew during pregnancy and grew even bigger during breastfeeding. Also, when one boob is engorged with milk, it’s noticeably bigger (so don’t freak out).

If I could change the time in my life I got breast implants, I might’ve waited until I was done having kids. Because a lot of women had to get them redone as breastfeeding left their boobs uneven or saggy. This isn’t the result for everyone. However, it is recommended to switch your breast implants every 10 years (which works out anyway).

I hope this read was insightful! I had a hard time finding any blog posts about personal experiences with breastfeeding with implants. And I wanted to change things up and open up about my experience.

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  1. I love this topic! I think this Is DEFINITELY going to help a lot of women with the same questions! I love how you added that every situation is still different though, that no two experiences are the same, it’s the TRUTH! So important to keep in mind! ❤️

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