2021 Christmas Gifts For Men Including Stocking Stuffers

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Christmas shopping for men can be an extremely difficult task. Every single Christmas, you ask every man in the family what they’d like for Christmas and you get a big, fat “I don’t know”. Welcome to my ultimate 2021 Christmas gifts guide for men.

Don’t forget to bookmark this post or save it somehow (pin it or whatever) so that you have this Christmas gift guide for every year. You can just go down the list each year or even use it as a birthday gift guide for men.

2021 Christmas Gifts For Men

The first half of the list of Christmas gift ideas for men is going to be bigger gifts. And the latter half will include all of the fun, creative stocking stuffer gifts we women love gifting.

1. Toolset

Tool kits have been a huge hit the last few Christmases in our family. Whether it’s a whole toolset or a single tool, it is bound to come in handy. Don’t forget to save your receipt just in case.

2. Tool Cabinet

gift ideas

After two years of gifting my husband tools, this man was talking about how he needed something to store his tools. So that gave me another idea for that following Christmas. And I had the hardest time trying to wrap the box it came in. I think I went through 2 rolls of wrapping paper.

3. Upgraded TV

Who doesn’t love a bigger, upgraded TV? Yeah, it’s a gift for your significant other, but it’s a gift that will benefit you as well. So it’s a win-win! Also, around the holidays, there’s always a HUGE sale on electronics.

4. Garmin Watch

Vince is in the Army which means an Apple watch that needs to be charged often wasn’t going to be the best fit for him. And when he showed me how much a Garmin watch was, my heart dropped.

Those things are NOT cheap. However, they do have some pretty amazing capabilities and specs. The big, fancy watch you gift your man doesn’t necessarily have to be a Garmen.

Everyone loves their Apple watch and it’s a fraction of the price of a Garmen watch.

5. Game System

Are they a gamer? A new game system or some games to go with their game system would make a great gift.

And if they are a big, time gamer, then you can even include an upgraded headset, game controller, and LED lights around their game room.

6. Massage Recliner

A recliner that massages you sounds like heaven. But be careful when gifting a man this massing recliner. He may never get off the thing.

7. Shoes

Shoes just aren’t one of the solid 2021 Christmas gifts, but it’s a solid gift for any year and any holiday.

Crocs are a huge hit at my house and you can’t resist the fuzzy ones during the winter.

8. Lawncare Equipment

A new lawnmower, leaf blower, or other lawn equipment might be something that a man needs and wants over something that they’re not likely to use.

At least gifting things that you know he’ll use will be worth the money.

9. Vehicle Related Upgrade

One of the best times to get a new vehicle is at the end of the year. But instead of trading in their vehicle, how about upgrades? Like new wheels, a new custom grill, or a new tint.

10. Workout Equipment

New Year’s Resolution is right around the corner as well. Your man might already be well into the fit life or need a little boost. Learn more about essential home gym equipment in my other blog post.

There’s a wide range of home gym workout equipment that you can purchase right on Amazon Prime like a workout bench, dumbbells, kettlebell, and more.

11. Clothes

You can’t ever go wrong with clothes. Buy a few high-quality tees, button-ups, or sweaters from your man’s favorite stores.

12. Personalized Gifts

The two best places to purchase personalized gifts are Etsy and Amazon. You can get a wide range of things personalized like leather wallets, watches, whiskey decanters, and more.

13. Electric Shavers

Electric shavers save a lot of time and skin. Definitely a great gift. It doesn’t have to break the bank either.

14. Electric Toothbrush

This is a must-have for me. I was gifted an electric toothbrush years ago and then Vince gifted me a new one a couple of years ago. I don’t floss as much as I should.

But at every dental appointment, they always praised me for flossing regularly. And it’s definitely all thanks to my electric toothbrush.

15. Outdoor Gear

Doing outdoor things might be your man’s thing like hunting, fishing, or camping. One of the best 2021 Christmas gifts you could get a man is something to support their hobbies.

16. Massager

A neck massager would make a great gift for any occasion or holiday.

17. Cookware Set

If your man loves cooking, then getting them a high-quality cookware set would be perfect and thoughtful. Or he might already have the best set out there and might need an upgraded vegetable blender or high-quality knives.

18. Grill

We have charcoal and a propane grill. I love the taste of charcoal-grilled food. However, propane grills are where it’s at. It’s so easy to cook with and something every household should have.

18. Tile Set

If your man or the man you’re gifting these amazing 2021 Christmas gifts to has a tendency to lose their wallet or keys a lot, then you might want to consider getting them a Tile set.

19. Tablet

There’s always a huge sale on electronics. This includes tablets, Apple iPads, and more!! Keep an eye out for the holiday sales.

20. Headphones

There is an amazing list of Bluetooth headphones out there that you can choose from. But my two recommendations are the Beats studio earbuds and the Apple air pods.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking stuffers are one of my favorites during the holidays. I love finding cute, memorable stocking stuffer gift ideas and also receiving them from my husband because it’s just a lot of fun to see what he puts together each Christmas.

gift ideas

1. Personalized Socks

gift ideas

You really can’t go wrong with personalized socks. Whether it’s a funny one like the one shown before the dog one of my husband’s face plastered all over my socks or cute personalized socks like one of all 3 of our dogs.

2. Underwear

We all know that men do not like replacing old underwear. This is probably one of the best stocking stuffer gift ideas. For me, I can’t ever have too much underwear. I may have an obsession with hoarding underwear from aerie and PINK.

3. Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are another one of those things you can’t have too many of especially for coffee lovers. Take it a step further and order them a personalized coffee mug from Etsy.

4. Grooming Kit

Are you tired of your man stealing your nail clippers and leaving their toenails in them? Buy him a manicure and personal care kit. You’ll thank me later.

5. Personalized Keychain

There are so many cute personalized keychains you can order on Etsy!

6. Christmas Ornament

If you have kids, you could have them make homemade Christmas ornaments with a sweet message for their dad or papa . This makes for one of the most sentimental 2021 Christmas gifts.

7. Sports Gear

Does the man have a favorite team? Favorite sports? There’s an endless list of sports gear you can get such as hats, socks, shirts, pj’s, slippers, cups, mugs, keychains, lanyards, and even personalized jerseys.

8. Essentials Holder

You probably read that like, “what the heck is an essentials holder?”. It’s where they can charge their phone and put their keys, wallet, and other essentials in one spot.

9. Love Coupon Book

I’ve actually never purchased a love voucher coupon book but highly considering it. However, I have heard some amazing stories about them.

10. Video Games

Alright. Video games aren’t cheap. BUT who said you couldn’t get video games that were on sale as a sweet stocking stuffer!

11. Hygiene/ Grooming Products

No shave November? Or more like no-shave winter. Get the man a beard kit grooming set.

12. Movie Tickets

Watching movies together might be a thing for y’all. How about an old fashion movie ticket to an upcoming Christmas movie?

13. Phone Case

My husband literally has an obsession with phone cases. I know I could easily stuff a couple of phone cases in his stocking and nothing else. And he’d be so happy.

14. Car Phone Charger

The thing about stocking stuffers is that you don’t want to gift a man what would be considered “junk”. You want to gift them something practical. A car phone charger is a necessity.

15. Card Game

There are some hilarious card games out there. And this meme card game in particular has been a hit for our house and with our friends.

16. Wallet

A man needs a solid, reliable wallet. And as you may know, men don’t like to replace things like their wallets when they’re basiclly falling apart.

There are a lot of high-quality, leather wallets you can even get engraved.

17. Letter

I’m talking about old fashion movie tickets. How about old fashion love letter? Yes, pour your heart out on paper. Don’t type it up and print it off. Write it down. Be detailed, be sweet, funny, loving, and sexy.

18. Giftcard

I don’t care what anyone says. Gift cards are one of the best inventions. They can buy whatever their heart pleases.

19. Personalized T-shirts

gift ideas

Maybe the man you’re gifting has an obsession or collection of t-shirts. Get him a personalized one!

20. Personalized Mask

You already know a new mask was going to be on the list of gift ideas! Wearing a mask has become our new normal. Get them a mask you know they’ll want to wear.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

It’s important to remind ourselves that Christmas isn’t about gift-giving. It’s a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. And giving gifts is symbolic of the gifts the Three Wise Men brought to baby Jesus. It is also a time to cherish our loved ones and count our blessings.

But bring on the 2021 Christmas gifts for men you know they will love! Do keep in mind some of the important rules that Bro Basket goes over that you should keep in mind before buying a gift for a man.

I hope my list of Christmas gifts for men was helpful in your journey to gift-giving.

2021 christmas gift ideas for men

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  1. Love this post…such great ideas for the man of the house!
    My husband has a G-Shock watch but he’s had his eyes on a Garmin.
    He would also love the Craftsman toolbox.

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