12 Proven To Be Helpful Teething Remedies For Babies

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Have you noticed your baby is extra fussy or harder to console lately? It’s probably due to teething. And you might’ve come across that already and have searched day and night for teething remedies for babies. Fortunately, the majority of mamas have all been there and have experimented on different teething remedies, so you’re not alone.

teething remedies for babies

Signs That Your Baby Is Teething

First, let’s go over several signs that your baby is indeed teething. Your baby:

  • is drooling a lot… I mean A L O T
  • might be fussier than normal
  • is irritable
  • has a low-grade fever (less than 101F)
  • is biting or gnawing on everything
  • is pulling on ears
  • has swollen gums
  • is crying a lot
  • pulling on ears
  • has swollen gums
  • is not sleeping as well

Or your baby’s gums are white where the teeth are looking like they’re coming through. Your baby might start showing signs of teething as early as 3 months (maybe even two months according to other mom’s experiences).

My daughter started showing signs of teething at around 3 months and didn’t actually have any teeth cut through until she was 6 months. Her bottom two came in a day after each other (her first teething experience was horrible and so forth because every time she got new teeth in, they would cut through in pairs).

And at 8 months, her top two teeth came through a day after each other. Those two were the worst because she was never comfortable unless we gave her Tylenol. And her gums were swollen. Needless to say, she was absolutely miserable and I felt like a helpless mama.

Before diving into the list of teething remedies for babies, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Your baby might not respond well to ALL of the listed solutions (it might just be one, two, or several but not ALL).
  • There might be some solutions you’ve tried that worked amazingly that I don’t have listed below. IF SO, you should totally comment below and tell me what you did. Because I think a lot of moms including myself would appreciate you.
  • You might be looking for more homeopathic-type solutions which means you might not feel comfortable giving your baby Tylenol and fortunately there are so many great homeopathic remedies out there.

Teething Remedies For Babies

1. Dr.Talbot’s Soothing Tablets

You might have heard of “teething tablets“. And you also might’ve heard both good and bad things about them (the one bad thing I heard was that the older model tablets had a toxic ingredient but have changed their ingredients since then).

When I found out my daughter was probably teething, I was desperate to find solutions. She was already a colicky baby and put teething on top of that and it was a nightmare.

Well one day, I reached out to my Facebook friends and asked all the moms what worked for their teething baby. A lot of them swore by these Dr. Talbot’s Soothing Tablets. So I made my way to Wal-Mart and gave her two (to start off, now I give her three).

It wasn’t long after I gave her her first dose and she stopped whining and crying. And they dissolve right in her mouth so you don’t have to worry about your baby choking. They’re also super small!

2. Infant Tylenol

I was most definitely one of those moms that were all about homeopathic remedies for my baby prior to the worsening teething phase. And add in weeks of lack of sleep.

My daughter was screaming and crying for what seemed like all day!! She was fed, well-rested, already pooped, and had a clean diaper. She was in pain from her two bottom teeth that wanted to come through at the same time.

Those teething tablets did not work very well at night because she would wake up in the middle of the night crying. She’s been a pretty great sleeper since we brought her home. So I knew I needed to try something different and decided to get her Infant Tylenol.

I probably saved not only my daughter’s vocal cords and stress from pain and discomfort but also saved myself from absolute sleep deprivation. I totally recommend getting Tylenol.

3. Frozen Teether

The frozen teether with the bristles is still to this day my daughter’s favorite teething toy. I have like 3 of these in different colors and interchange them for her. They don’t exactly stay frozen for a very long time but it does stay cold enough to make your baby happy. And my daughter loves the texture on her gums.

These are also great and stay frozen for longer. It’s also functional as a normal, unfrozen toy that my daughter loves playing with.

4. Something Cold

Giving your teething baby anything cold is going to help ease their pain by numbing the gums.

5. Oral Gel

I haven’t experimented with soothing teething gels. However, I do know of a lot of moms that love this for their babies! There are so many different brands that sell soothing gels and it’s important to always check out the ingredients as well as reviews.

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6. Teething Toys

Just like everything else baby related, there’s seriously so many teething toys to choose from. Honestly, you could use a lot of kitchen utensils as a teething toy as well.

My daughter loves gnawing on our silicone spatula, her baby spoons, and even her washcloth (I wet it and put it in the freezer for a little bit).

Here’s a few of her favorites along with some recommendations from other mom friends.

  • Sophie the Giraffe was a hit. We were given this as a gift at one of our baby showers and it’s been my daughter’s all-time favorite.
  • We have all 3 of these and they can be frozen
  • The texture on this elephant feels great on teething babies.
  • We haven’t personally tried this one but my neighbor said it was the best for her 5 kids.
  • What better way to help a teething baby than a teething toy you can clip onto their onesie?!

Nuby has always been a trusted brand and we have loved their products. One of my favorite teething products is the teething mitten.

The list of teething toys could be endless but these are just a few of my recommendations.

7. Pacifier

Pacifiers have been one of the best teething “toys” for my daughter. She’s barely ever taken a pacifier for the actual use it’s designed for.

But we do use the pacifiers we’ve collected in the first couple of months of her life as a teething toy.

8. Happy Teethers

Teething babies love gnawing on anything and everything. And these teething wafers were a hit for my baby. It dissolves in their mouth as they’re gnawing and chewing on it which was great as we were transitioning into solids.

9. Amber Bracelet or Necklace

Or amber anything because apparently there’s amber toys like this one with really awesome reviews.

We never personally tried the amber necklace because we were always nervous that our baby would end up destroying it and swallowing a bead. But honestly, I’ve never actually heard that happening to anyone. Instead, I’ve heard incredible things about amber bracelets and necklaces.

10. Naps

Naps cure everything. Especially babies who are teething and are miserable. During your baby’s teething phase, they might either sleep really good or fight every single nap or sleep time.

Each teething phase my daughter went through it was one or the other (again *insert cringe face emoji*). But once she fell asleep for a nap, she was definitely more peaceful afterward.

11. Breastfeeding

Breastmilk and baby being in their comfort place helps soothe their teething pain and discomfort. Say goodbye to any personal space you’ve had or created since your baby’s been born during every teething phase. Because if you’re a breastfeeding mama, that baby is going to be living in your arms.

Out of all these teething remedies for babies, I’m going to have to say breastfeeding has saved my sanity during my baby’s teething phases. I just pop the boob out and boom. But I’m going to have to rely on other remedies when I stop breastfeeding one day (eek!).

12. Frozen Fruit

We ordered this and I have no idea why we waited so long. I should have gotten it from day 1 (mom fail).

You literally put whatever fruit you want inside the nipple and clamp it shut. And I put it in the freezer for a little bit so it’s nice and cold for my baby.

It comes with two pacifiers and four other nipples to interchange. My daughter loved this. Definitely worth giving it a try.

Teething Remedies

I hope this list of teething remedies for babies works for your little one. And if you’re at your wit’s end, just know that the teething phase is only temporary. Both you and baby will overcome every teething phase struggle even when it seems like it’ll never end.

Have you tried anything that I didn’t mention above and worked?! Share your secret to soothing a teething baby in the comments below.

baby teething remedies

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  1. That giraffe, seriously is the best thing any new parent can buy! Ours got used all the time. We also like the little mesh teethers!

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