Best List Of Gifts For Toddlers

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I’ve made coming up with gifts for toddlers as easy peasy as possible for you with this pretty big list of gifts for toddlers ages ranging from 1 to 4!

I always wondered what age is actually considered to be a toddler. Because I thought my baby was an infant until she was the age of 2 🙂

So I did a simple google search and according to, the toddler age starts when your baby turns one years of age.

Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of gifts for toddlers starting at age 1!

Gifts For Toddlers Ages 1-2

It’s so important to consider that every toddler develops and hits milestones differently.

1. Wooden Activity Cube

There’s a ton of different wooden activity cubes all over the internet. And prices will range quite a bit.

I decided to bite the bullet and go for the big boy. This was one of the more expensive wooden activity cubes I found. But the quality 100% backed it up. The cheaper ones had crappy reviews from saying how some parts were hazardous and other reviews were concerned about the overall quality.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I purchased it on November 27, 2020 and we still have it in amazing shape 3 years later.

2. Mega Blocks

I originally bought Mega Blocks for my first baby that was not quite one years old yet. And it was one of those toys that have grown with her. She’s now 3 and still plays with Mega Blocks.

mega blocks toddler gifts

3. Pull Wagon

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Pull and Play Learning Wagon is another favorite in our household. It’s the perfect toy for a baby who’s still learning to walk and it can grow with them. It’s a 3-in-1 toy. You can pull it, keep it stationary, learn from the interactive sounds, buttons, and shapes, and it comes with extra smaller toys.

4. Activity Table

Activity tables are some of the best toys for younger toddlers. It helps improve their fine motor skills, creativity, and provides sensory stimulation.

5. Walker

Walkers can be used even before your toddler turns one. My first baby would only get in this Winnie the Pooh baby walker and it helped her start walking at just 8 months. The best thing about this walker was that the trays came out to lay snacks or other toys.

Vtech sit to stand baby walker is better suited for toddlers that are in the process of learning how to walk independently. It’s got two different settings for the walker to freely move or slowly move as the toddler learns to walk.

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6. Balance Bike

A balance bike really set my toddler up for success when learning how to ride an actual bike. We loved the balance bike from Coco Village.

coco village balance bike retro
Photo credit Lifting Motherhood

7. Books

There are so many different touch and feel books which encourages more interaction during reading. This helps promote a healthy relationship with reading!

8. Bath Toys

Bath time is way more enjoyable with toys. There are bath crayons that toddlers can write have fun with which is also super easy to remove from the bathtub.

Or other fun bath toys that squirt water. Needless to say you can’t go wrong with bath toys as a gifts for toddlers.

9. Baby Dolls

Toddlers love baby dolls and I had no idea until my two girls dragged them around all the time wherever we went, the baby doll came with.

It’s also such a perfect gift for anyone who’s planning to grow their family to help prepare their toddler for an upcoming baby.

10. Stuffed Animals

Who doesn’t love stuffed animals!! Squishmallows are very popular and it makes for a great travel pillow for toddlers.

11. Outdoor Activities

Some of my favorite memories are playing with the water hose. Or better yet, a sprinkler play area.

Another great gift is a mini slide for toddlers for the backyard.

12. Kids Tents and Tunnels

Create your own indoor playground with tents and tunnels for toddlers 🙂 Or more like a maze that’ll keep toddlers busy.

13. Toddler Sofa or a Nugget

A cute miniature toddler sofa that converts into the perfect nap time area. Or you can go big and get a Nugget!

14. Toy Instruments

Toy instruments might be your least favorite toy to get your toddler but at least it’ll keep them off their tablets for a little bit, right?

Gifts For Toddlers Ages 2-4

1. Ride On Toy

You can’t go wrong with any ride on toy. A scooter, toddler bike, battery powered ride on toy, or possibly even their first hoverboard (some toddlers are more coordinated that I am lol).

2. Personalized Blanket

Personalized gifts are some of my favorites to gift. Toddlers love getting cozy. Well at least mine has for years. And even if they don’t use their personalized blanket, it’ll look great folded up somewhere in their room with their name on it.

3. Toddler Camera

My 3 year old has about 4 different toddler cameras and I have no idea how or why. I think we were gifted a couple of time! She is obsessed with them and it’s very easy for her to use.

4. Crayons and Coloring Books

5. Sports Center

The VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is such a fun interactive toy for toddlers. We loved this toy especially when we had friends over.

6. Wooden Climbing Triangle

This wooden climbing triangle is such a great alternative to the bigger wooden indoor playgrounds especially if your toddler is still closer to age of 1.

7. Indoor Playground

Please don’t mind this awful quality photo. I screenshotted it from a video I took because I couldn’t find a single picture of this Avenlur indoor playground in my phone.

The middle wooden piece that’s laying across can be moved up to be used as a slide. But when my tiny little 20 month old is in the playroom and I am out of the room, I put it down!

It comes in a medium and large size. The one we bought is in a large! I have a friend who bought the medium and wished she had just spent the extra $100 for the large playground. I talk about the Avenlur wooden indoor playground in my playroom ideas post!

8. Toddler Table and Chairs Set

My two girls love sitting at their table (the link takes you to the exact one we have and it’s much bigger than the first one we got and love it!) playing with their dolls, little people toys, eating snacks, coloring in their coloring book, and hanging out watching their tablets.

In Conclusion

I hope this list of gifts for toddlers helped narrow down your shopping adventures! I feel like a lot of these can grow with your toddler for years to come and also sell secondhand very well!

Thanks for reading!

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