Things I Wasn’t Expecting To Experience During And After My C Section Procedure

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I honestly did not think I’d have to have a c section procedure. And that’s because I was actively preparing for a vaginal birth.

When I was preparing my hospital bag, I had packed all of my perineal care products and items, and only packed enough for a single night’s stay. I was so confident that I was going to have a vaginal birth that I didn’t even check to see what I would need if I were to have a c section delivery.

But either way, a c section was needed to safely deliver my baby. There are a few things (good and bad) I experienced during and after my c section procedure that I’ll be going over in this blog post.

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6 Things I Didn’t Expect to Experience During My C Section Procedure

These different things I’ve experienced during and after my c section birth might be a normal thing that c section moms experience. But I felt like they were worth talking about. And that’s because after I went back and read through some c section blogs, I didn’t read about any experiences that included these things.

Lots of tugging and moving

During my c section procedure, my husband was by my side. And he basically freaked out more than I was. That’s because my body was being tugged around and shaken left and right during the procedure.

I couldn’t feel anything but pressure down below. But I did feel as if I was struggling to stay on the operation table. It was nerve-racking to say the least.

Feeling a sense of complete calmness

All while my body is being tugged around and sliced open, I still felt a huge sense of complete calmness. Like I knew at any moment I was going to hear my baby’s voice for the very first time.

It’s a feeling that is so hard to explain. I would imagine delivering vaginally, I would be quite busy trying to breathe and push during labor. But instead, I was laying there staring at the ceiling, holding my husband’s hands, in what felt like silence waiting for my baby’s arrival.

Extremely dry mouth

One thing I remember that bugged me so much was my extremely dry mouth during the c section procedure. And I kept wondering how much longer I was going to be on the operation table because all I wanted was a sip (or more like chug a gallon) of water.

When I got rolled back into my room, I couldn’t even talk to my husband or ask about our daughter because my mouth and throat were so dry, my voice wasn’t coming out.

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Super cold and chills

The chills and being extremely cold started before I was even rolled into the operation room. I’ve always heard of “labor” shakes and it’s like your body shivering and relieving tension before your baby comes.

I’m not sure if that is what I was experiencing. But that’s when I started getting cold, got worst during the c section procedure probably due to fluids being pumped in me. And it got better when I got rolled back into the room.

Happiness that can’t be contained

There’s a natural abundance of happiness that occurs awaiting a baby’s arrival. But I never exactly knew what that felt like until I was on the table.

I was balling my eyes out, my husband was crying, and the emotions were irresistible.

A c section is definitely scary because of the unknown. And it’s no doubt a major abdominal surgery and not every woman’s first choice of delivery (mine either). However, there is something truly special about a c section experience that I feel a lot of c section moms can attest to.

Swollen feet

feet are swollen after c section

The picture of my swollen feet was 3 days after my c section procedure. And it stayed pretty swollen for almost a week.

The reason why I included this under the list of things I wasn’t expecting during and after a c section was that I thought I was done having swollen feet after I gave birth. And to be honest, my feet weren’t even this swollen during my third trimester of pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

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