10 Weird Things About Your Healed C Section Incision Women Don’t Talk About

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You’ll rarely hear moms talk about their healed c section incision or their c section scar. And I honestly have no idea why. Maybe it’s because it’s an intimate thing for some or women continue to feel uncomfortable with their c-section delivery.

But here’s the thing. C-sections have become extremely popular with 86.2% of women with a history of a previous cesarean birth having a repeat c-section.

And according to new research from the World Health Organization (WHO), cesarean section use continues to rise globally, now accounting for more than 1 in 5 (21%) of all childbirths. 

My point is that we need to be spreading more awareness about c-section births, c section postpartum phase and care of the incision, and even about healed c section incisions. You’ll find more of my c-section postpartum-related posts in my postpartum category.

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10 Things To Know About Your Healed C Section Incision

It’s uncommon to hear c section moms talk about their incisions. But I found it even more uncommon to hear about healed c section incisions and things you might experience months (even years) after your c section surgery.

1. You won’t always get feeling back around your c section incision.

I knew it was unlikely that I’ll feel my skin completely right after surgery. And I did hear that I was going to experience numbness around the c section incision months later. But even after a year and a half, I still cannot feel everything around my incision.

2. Your healed c section incision will continue to go through different color changes.

I remember obsessively looking at other women’s healed c section scars wondering when mine would look like that. Meaning, their incisions were light in color or matched their skin tone.

On the other hand, my c section incision scar was very dark, almost purple in color. And it continued to go through several different changes in color (and probably still continuing) until it has gotten as light as it is now. It’s definitely still not as light and blended into my skin tone as I’d like but it has only been 18 months since my c section surgery.

3. You’ll learn to start loving your c section scar if you already don’t.

If you’re a fitness freak like me or already self-conscious about your body, then a c-section was probably the last thing you wanted to go through. Especially because of the incision and scar.

And I hope I don’t get mom-shamed for saying this but I want to be honest. While I was recovering from my c-section delivery, it made me sick to my stomach looking at myself in the mirror naked. I couldn’t stand looking at my c section incision. And I kept replaying my traumatic birth over and over again in my head wondering what went wrong and how I managed to dilate to 9cm and get pulled into the operation room.

Well, here I am a whole year later, sporting a low-cut bikini bottom like I used to prior to having a baby and showing off my beautiful c section scar. It may take some time but you’ll come around to adoring your c section scar and knowing you did what you had to do to bring your baby into this world safely.

4. Your incision will feel tingly even after it’s healed.

It’s not a good kind of tingly either. And the tingly sensation comes at the oddest times like when you’re laying in bed about to fall asleep for the night. But just know that tingly feeling around your incision even after it’s healed is completely normal.

5. You’ll feel a tight pulling and tugging during your next pregnancy.

I’m in several pregnancy groups at the moment (since we are expecting baby number 2) and I did notice some c section moms talking about slight tightness, pulling, and tugging around their old c section incision.

And I personally experienced this as well. As my baby bump gets bigger in size and the skin around it stretches even more, I’m sure the pulling and tugging will even get worse.

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6. Your healed c section incision will still be sensitive to touch.

My healed c section incision is still sensitive to touch at times. And if my pants or bottoms rub it the wrong way, it can sometimes feel raw and sensitive. That’s why I like to wear high-waisted bottoms.

7. It’ll be bumpy before it smooths out.

You’ll notice little bumps rising around your incision during the healing phase and even after it’s healed. But it will go away and smooth out.

8. Your healed incision will itch from time to time.

The itchiness was the worst during the healing phase. And I was hoping it would completely disappear after the incision was completely healed. But it definitely still itches from time to time but it is rare.

9. You won’t want to wear anything that sits right on top of your c section incision even after it’s healed.

Like I said earlier, I love wearing high-waisted bottoms just to prevent them from rubbing my incision. Your healed c section incision might not be as sensitive to you as mine is but that’s also because our bodies are all different.

Sometimes the best thing to do in the beginning stages of your c section incision healing or a little after it is healed is to wear a dress and seamless high-waisted underwear for maximum comfort.

10. Massaging it will help reduce scar tissue.

I didn’t know you could massage your c-section incision until I googled something along the lines of how to reduce the thickness of your c section incision (something like that).

Because one day I ran my finger across my c section scar and I felt a thick band of tissue underneath it like it was raising my scar up. And then I came across c section scar massage and had no idea that was even a thing.

Final Thoughts

You may be one of those super lucky c section moms that have zero problems or discomfort after a c section. And also has a rocking almost invisible healed c section incision.

But for the rest of us, this list of 10 weird things about our healed c section incision might be all too familiar and relatable. And I truly hope you enjoyed this read!

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