Top 5 Preemie Baby Clothes Brands

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I had no idea how hard it was to find clothes for preemies until I had my severely IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) baby at 35 weeks of pregnancy. And that’s why I was inspired to write a blog post on the top preemie baby clothes brands.

My baby girl was born at 3lbs and 5oz so she didn’t need micro preemie clothes. However, if you do have a micro preemie baby, I highly recommend looking on Etsy for micro preemie knot gowns, NICU gowns, and other hospital gowns for premature babies.

The Best Preemie Baby Clothes Brands

Here is a list of my personal favorite preemie baby clothes brands, where you can find preemie clothes and some details on how they fit. Some brands do fit smaller than others and vice versa.

1. Carter’s

Carter’s brand is first on the list because it was the only brand our premature baby girl could fit into without being overly swallowed. And as we all know, Carter’s is known for their wide variety of baby clothing.

I honestly felt like Carter’s brand premature clothes ran smaller but also stretched perfectly to fit our growing baby when she was transitioning into newborn clothes.

Some of Carter’s newborn girl clothes even fit my itty bitty baby who is growing into newborn clothing. And although we don’t currently have a baby boy (I might end up being a girl mom forever which I wouldn’t be mad about), Carter’s has some of the cutest baby boy clothes I’ve seen.

Some of the easiest places to find Carter’s preemie clothes was Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon.

I had my itty bitty baby girl in February in Georgia and it was getting pretty hot around the time. Although we did buy several preemie footie pajamas, Carter’s onesies in preemie sizes were our personal favorites.

Our baby never got overheated since she did cry a lot (a common thing for premature babies) and we always had her swaddled up and bundled up as well.

This particular preemie onesie pack of 3 was our favorite. So much that we had two of the same packs!

If you’re a mom interested in more than just onesies and premature baby sizes, rest assured. Carter’s offers not only preemie girl and preemie boy clothes but also newborn baby clothes to toddler clothing.

And they offer sleepers, baby girl dresses, baby hats, swaddles, boy and girl outfits, burp cloths, and other newborn essentials.

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2. L’ovedbaby

Another one of my favorites, especially for long sleeve preemie onesies is L’ovedbaby.

I love that they offer a wide variety of beautiful, neutral-toned colors for moms that are not a big fan of bright colors.

L’ovedbaby is easily found on Amazon and their preemie onesies and footies are affordable. It is important to note that the preemie/newborn sizes are cheaper than the bigger sizes.

Another great thing about this brand is that the fabric is soft, thicker than the Carter’s brand preemie baby clothes (without it being too thick), and like I mentioned, they offer a wide variety of solid colors.

As far as designs go, L’ovedbaby offers striped pattern preemie footies. But you won’t find wording or other patterns offered like Carter’s.

L’ovedbaby offers preemie footies in both buttons and zipper which is also a huge plus!


KYTE has amazingly soft preemie clothes. The only thing that some moms might be wary about is the price.

You’ll find a Footie preemie onesie on KYTE‘s website priced at $30 to $33 in USD. And you’ll find KYTE Baby Soft Bamboo Rayon Footies on Amazon for slightly more.

But this is where the higher price point comes into play.

The KYTE baby onesie and footie pajamas are incredibly soft and stretchy. They do stretch significantly with your baby’s growth which means more extended wear.

KYTE also offers their footies in both buttons and zippers.

4. h&m

Our household wears the majority h&m wardrobe because they have trendy clothing for everyone in our family, including an adult male, an adult female, a toddler girl, and a preemie baby transitioning into newborn clothes.

The only thing I realized about h&m preemie sizes was that they run very big. Their preemie clothes and newborn sizes run bigger compared to other brands such as Carter’s and Old Navy. However, the sizing seemed to even out once my first daughter started wearing their toddler clothes.

I did see that select baby clothes are offered in even smaller sizes than preemie “PM (0-1M)” which is “<0-1M” size. But I never purchased that size so I can’t say much.

I do think if I bought the smaller size than the preemie, it would have fit more like a true preemie preemie clothing.

Another reason why I love h&m preemie baby clothes is because they don’t just offer footies and onesies. You’ll find some of the cutest little preemie cardigans, sweatshirts, leggings, and two-piece outfits.

H&m clothing designer is also detail oriented with all of their baby and toddler clothes by incorporating linen material, eyelet designs, and unisex shades of color for infant clothing. When it comes to baby fashion, h&m definitely has it in the bag.

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5. GAP

GAP actually has minimal preemie baby clothes. The very small selection of preemie clothes is sized as “up to 5lbs”

But I noticed that their newborn size, “up to 7lbs” ran slightly small. It was comparable to h&m’s preemie sizes.

As we all know, Old Navy is also owned by GAP inc. But they unfortunately don’t offer preemie clothing.

Old Navy has always been a huge favorite retail store in our family, offering adorable and affordable clothing for babies, toddlers, and children.

On top of their affordable prices, they constantly have a baby sale on their clothes, new arrivals, and matching mommy and baby outfits.

Final Thoughts On Baby Clothes For Preemies

Searching for preemie baby clothes should not be stressful so I hope this short and sweet list helps you find what you need for your premature baby!

Although I put Carter’s preemie clothes at the top of the list, you can’t go wrong with the rest of the brands I mentioned.

If your preemie baby is on the smaller side, I highly recommend Carter’s, L’ovedbaby, and KYTE as your top 3 options depending on your budget and preference.

Don’t see a preemie clothes brand you love?! Comment below and share another brand for us preemie moms to check out!

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