The Ergobaby And Lillebaby Baby Carriers Vs Wraps

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There’s a list of pros and cons to baby carriers vs wraps. Some moms love wraps and others prefer the heavy-duty feel of a baby carrier. I personally wanted to splurge on either a baby carrier or a baby wrap. But I wasn’t sure what brand or type I wanted to buy until I did my research.

Prior to being pregnant and searching for baby items, I honestly had no idea that a baby carrier was different from a wrap and vice versa. So in this blog post, I’ll be going over the different specs baby carriers vs wraps have and the pros and cons of buying each.

After doing a ton of research on several different baby carriers and wraps, I came down to these 3 specific options:

Different Specs Of Baby Carriers Vs Wraps

There are important specs and pros and cons that we should look for when purchasing either a baby carrier vs wraps. Some of the important ones being price, max weight capacity, and the ease to take on and off.

1. Functionality

When comparing the overall functionality of a baby carrier vs baby wrap, baby carriers have an easy win. They have more pockets to hold keys, cards, phones, or whatever else that might be essential to have.

Another great spec that stood out to me about baby carriers such as the LÍLLÉbaby carrier was that it came with different snaps to adjust depending on the baby’s age and weight.

Baby wraps like the Moby Wrap have it to where you can the the wrap differently around the baby to hold their weight the best at a certain age. But I had a hard time figuring it out due to how long the baby wrap was compared to how little of a person I am (5 feet tall).

I just really liked the extra space, easy adjustable snaps, and overall functionality of baby carriers. The LÍLLÉbaby Serenity Airflow carrier also came with an attached hood to put over my baby’s head on rainy or windy days and where I could easily fold and zip up when I didn’t need it.

2. Ease to put on

Both the LÍLLÉbaby Serenity Airflow carrier and the ErgoBaby carrier were as easy as clicking two buckles. I watched a ton of videos on how mamas were able to buckle themselves while holding their baby. However, buckling the carrier by myself was a skill I mastered over time.

I read a lot of mixed reviews about the Moby Wrap. Half of what I read was about how easy it was to put on and tie. The other half was how difficult and long the wraps were which made it near impossible to put on with ease.

The pros to having a baby carrier is that it’s easily adjustable and have buckles. But the cons of baby carriers could be that there’s limitations to adjusting them to your fit. Whereas the pros to baby wraps is that you can tie it as tight as you need or as loose as you need. And the cons to baby wraps are that it may be more challenging for some women to figure out and tie to theirs and baby’s comfort on their own depending on their size.

3. Reviews

Reviews aren’t necessary a spec to buying a baby carrier vs wraps. But it is something everyone should look into prior to purchasing things that are going to be a bit costly. One of the big reasons why I came down to the 3 options was due to their 4+ star reviews.

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4. Max weight

Another important spec and a huge pro for baby carriers is their max weight capacity. Baby carriers are able to hold up to 45 lbs while baby wraps carry up to 35 lbs. It’s not surprising that baby carriers can hold more weight than wraps due to their heavy-duty feel and material.

5. Price

Baby carriers range in price from as low as $20 to as high as $200. And wraps can be as cheap as $15 to as expensive as $100 or more (although I haven’t seen any over that).

6. Color Options

Color might not be a spec you care about. But it is something worth thinking about if you’re worried about showing dirt or stains.

What I Chose To Purchase

I decided on the LÍLLÉbaby Serenity Airflow carrier for several different reasons on top of the ones I mentioned earlier. It was very comparable to the Ergobaby in each spec with a cheaper price tag. But here are the pros and cons that I listed before purchasing LÍLLÉbaby Serenity Airflow carrier.


  • Very supportive and grew with my baby
  • Easy to buckle by yourself
  • Lightweight
  • Fits perfectly for a petite framed and shorter women
  • Convenient zipper pocket in the front
  • Weather proof hood
  • Variety of positions and settings
  • Baby loved being in this carrier
  • Very breathable for warmer weather
  • Beautiful color options


  • Sometimes gets loose so you have to tighten the sides
  • Not the best to wear around the house
  • Find it a little difficult to clean

My Second Purchase – Moby Wrap

After my daughter was born and I was trying to get housework done carrying her, I decided to look back into wraps. As much as I loved my LÍLLÉbaby Serenity Airflow carrier, it was a bit too bulky for me to wear around the house.

But like I mentioned earlier, it didn’t work for me because of the functionality problem. The wrap was just excessively long for my 5 feet, petite frame. And I had a difficult time wrapping my baby on me by myself. It also took multiple tries and my baby was losing patience with me.

Final Thoughts

I honestly think it’s a personal preference when it comes to baby carriers vs wraps. I can tell you all the pros and cons to each but you might want to try both baby carriers and wraps out. And remember to keep your receipt just in case it doesn’t work out. Thanks for reading!

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