11 Months of Blogging And Mom Blogger’s Monthly Income Report

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Wow. I can’t believe I’ve made it to 11 months of blogging. Sometimes it feels like these past 11 months of blogging zoomed by, while other times, it feels like it took forever.

And the crazy part is that I still have many, many, MANY more months to go! No seriously, I never thought I would become this hooked on blogging when I first began my journey as a mom blogger.

I’m not going to lie, what really got my interest going were the flashy headlines like “How I made $98479374898943 My First Year Blogging” or “10 Steps I Took To Make $10k My 10th Month of Blogging”. Obviously, I am exaggerating just a tad bit (maybe a little more) but do you blame me?

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Reasons Why I Chose To Be A Mom Blogger

I never really actually spoke about the reasons why I started a blog (besides for obvious reasons like making money). So I’ll tell you a few reasons before I move forward with this 11 month blog income report.

Just like many of us women who spend thousands of dollars to go to college, decide to have a baby, begin working to barely make money for it to be worth paying for childcare, not to mention drowning in student loan debt.

That was me in a nutshell. And on top of that, my husband was a drill sergeant who was barely home, my daughter was extremely colicky, and I was beyond exhausted working 13 hour shifts on the telemetry unit at a hospital that was about a 30 minute commute there and back.

After months of contemplating and figuring out our finances, we decided on me being a stay-at-home mom to give the extra love and attention to our high-needs baby for the time being. And that’s how one day, I came across blogging.

Early Blogging Journey

I knew success from blogging wasn’t going to happen overnight (although some blog posts made it seem that way). But I also knew that if I could work on blogging for as long as I was a stay-at-home mom, then just maybe something great would come out of it and I would be able to stay at home to raise our little ones while contributing financially.

And after I made my first few cents blogging, I knew it was possible to make money online. And that’s all it took for me to stay motivated, working diligently day and night, every chance I had to learn the ins and outs of blogging to make a grand total of $1,586.58 by 11 months of blogging.

This is honestly nothing compared to the flashy blog posts I read at the beginning. But it is enough for me to continue my blogging journey and helping new and seasoned moms anywhere I can while sharing my personal blogging experience and income reports with you.

Along with one day hopefully making a comfortable full-time income off Lifting Motherhood, I started this blogging journey in hopes to raise awareness of postpartum depression and teach as many women as I can on ways to live a healthier lifestyle while incorporating safe and simple, yet effective ways to lose weight.

11 Months of Blogging Stats

Although my income report isn’t all that impressive nor has it been an exponential growth, I can’t say the same thing about my total monthly page views.

Total Pageviews

My monthly pageviews have steadily grown over the past 11 months of blogging and it’s been so rewarding knowing that a) real people are on my website every day and b) I’m seeing more and more clicks from organic search.

Previous Month (June)

Total Pageviews – 13,138

You can read my 10-month blogging stats blog post to see where the spark in traffic came from on June 7 and June 18.

Month 11 (July)

Total Pageviews -17,105

As you can tell by this graph, there’s an upward trend in my pageviews and I didn’t have any spark in pageviews on a single day like I did the previous month. Not one single Pinterest pin went viral to create a surge in traffic for a single day but have rather seen an overall growth on multiple pins that have contributed to this upward trend this month.

The majority of my traffic this past month came from social, then direct, organic, and lastly referral. As much as I’m loving the pageviews I’m getting from Pinterest, my goal for this upcoming year is to get even more views from organic search.

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11 Month Income Report

This month I made a total of $307.44. And I’ll go over the breakdown of where my income sources came from below. The month before I made $394.71 thanks to a decent amount coming from work I did with Oh Hey Mama Hair.

I did slack off some with my LiketoKnow.it sales meaning I didn’t post nearly as much as I normally would. And Amazon Associates started to pick up this month which is nice to finally see even if it’s just a few dollars. As for FlexOffers and ShareASale, I’m still trying to figure out a strategy to monetize better through those affiliates and if you have any tips, please comment below!

1. Affiliates

I got my first BlueHost affiliate sale when I helped my friend start her blog (which I am super duper excited about). She used my special link above to get a very low rate of $2.95 per month for her website and free domain.

2. Own Products

As you already know, I sell digital products on my Etsy store and I continue to bring a monthly income without even touching my store. I do plan on creating more digital products to sell to add to my store but just haven’t had the extra time lately.

3. Ads

I got accepted into Ezoic‘s ad program and they’ve been working on optimizing my ads throughout the website for the best user experience this past month. And so far I’ve made $17.76. I’m hoping as the ad placement program gets better at optimizing ad placements, my income shoots up.


Total Subscribers – 94

Something I’ve been really working on is trying to increase my total subscribers. I’ve been messing around with different opt-in forms and decided on the pop-up which has helped increase those numbers. You might hear not-so-great things about pop-up forms but this is what has worked for me thus far.



    We won’t send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time.


    • BlueHost – $4.99
    • Canva Pro – $12.95
    • Restored316 Theme – $149.00

    This past month, I switched over to new hosting as I needed more space and I had to renew for a much higher price. I also switched from Divi Elegant Themes to the free Kadence Theme with Restored 316 Kadence Child Theme that cost me a good bit.

    However, my site speed has increased a ton, and overall enjoying the simplicity and user-friendliness of the Restored 316 Theme. Let me know what you think of this theme in the comments!

    Social Following

    Overall, my social following on all avenues have increased which is exciting even if it’s just by a few. Progress is progress no matter how small.

    11 Month Blogging Stats Reflection

    What I’m Proud of

    What I am most proud of during this month of blogging is consistency. The more consistent, time and effort, and overall energy I’ve given my blog, the more rewards, and results that have come out of it. So it’s not like I wasted my time and effort to get absolutely nothing back in return.

    Another thing I’m proud of during this past 11 month of blogging is not quitting. I don’t even give myself the option to quit but it’s still mind-blowing to me knowing that I stuck with it for this long and have even bigger plans for Lifting Motherhood in the upcoming months and this next year.

    I actually went through a pretty stressful obstacle when I mitigated from Bluehost to Namehero due to my website size. And even more stressful tech stuff related to getting rid of all Divi codes and switching my whole website over to the Restored 316 Theme just for my day’s work to revert back to my old Divi Theme. Long story short, after a whole lot of headache and lots of tickets being submitted to a bunch of different areas, I had to redo my website for the second time from scratch and was able to get settled into the new theme.

    What I Could’ve Done Better

    Honestly, I’m really hard on myself and I can list a whole bunch of things I could have done better but for the sake of time, I’ll go over just a few.

    I can always do better at posting on all of the other social media avenues but this past month I’ve really stuck to focusing on the blog. And I don’t regret it one bit because something I had to learn previously on my blogging journey is to prioritize what is most important with a given time.

    Another few things I could have done better is of course time management and researching things thoroughly before I wasted so much time going back to my footsteps to redo something that could have been saved and backed up the first time around (the tech stuff I told you about earlier).

    Goals For Next Month’s Blogging Stats

    Next month will mark a full year of blogging and I don’t know if I’m more excited or nervous. All I know is that I hope to continue to grow like I have been these past 11 months of blogging. But I do have some serious goals for not just this next month of blogging but rather this whole upcoming year (which I’ll be going over in my 12-month blogging income report so stay tuned).

    If there’s something I didn’t go over that you’re interested in seeing more of please comment below! I’d love to know what you thought about my 11 month blogging journey so far and if you have any questions or tips you’d like to share with me!

    11 months of blogging reflection

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    1. You doing far greater! When your site ages you will see sudden improvements with months 14-15 you could be earning thousands of dollars already!

      Almost there! I know you going to make it big!

      Let us not give up! You are a wonderful storyteller with so much potential.
      You are going to be okay.

      Love your friend,

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