15 Postpartum Weight Loss Tips And How To Lose Weight After Baby Long Term

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Losing weight isn’t always the easiest task for anyone. And throw in a newborn baby and your body healing from childbirth and it almost feels especially impossible to lose weight after having a baby. But it doesn’t have to feel like that which is why I put together simple postpartum weight loss tips that you can do on repeat.

Instead of losing X amount of weight in an X amount of time, I want you to think of your postpartum weight loss journey as a long-term weight loss journey slash building a healthy lifestyle journey.

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Postpartum Weight Loss Tips And How To Lose Your Baby Weight

Some of the tips I go over are going to be no brainer for you. But it may not be a no brainer for others which is why I’m going through every little aspect of weight loss that I implemented in order to shed all of my baby weight during postpartum and some.

And not to mention, I am always keeping each of these postpartum weight loss tips in mind so that I don’t see my weight creep back up.

1. Smaller Portions

This is one tip that I am personally working on. I have an addiction to eating food until I feel like I’m about to roll over into a food coma. But the best thing to do is to eat small, well-balanced portions.

Have you ever went the whole day or too long without eating and you felt like you could eat like 10 plates at a buffet? But if you eat smaller meals throughout the day, you’re less likely to binge eat.

2. Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is counterproductive to weight loss. And it’s so addicting that it can be extremely difficult to minimize in your diet. But what if I told you that you can indulge in your sweet treats here and there and still lose your baby weight.

You don’t have to go to the extreme to lose weight like completely cutting out your carbs and sugars. Instead, work on your self-control skills and treat yourself to a slice of cake or that 400-calorie Starbucks drink you crave once in a while. But be careful not to overindulge and treat yourself too often.

3. Hydrate

Ditch the carbonated drinks loaded with sugar or that juice you always get at the gas station that promises you all the healthy components of losing weight. Trade them all in for your old-fashioned water.

In fact, treat yourself with a fancy 50oz jug like this one that I have and fill it up 2 to 3 times a day each day. You want postpartum weight loss tips, long and healthy hair, and clear skin. Then you’ve got to drink your water.

4. Count Calories

Counting calories have always been one of the most effective ways to lose weight. This is because you’re more conscious of what you’re eating and to eat within your means for weight loss. Read more about calories and macros in my other post here.

5. Always Check Food Labels

You should always check food labels to see how many calories are in each serving and also to physically see what’s inside the foods you eat. Practice and get the hang of checking food labels and you’ll get better at making healthier food choices over time.

6. Minimize Eating Processed Foods

We all know eating fast food isn’t going to help your weight loss journey. But we also know after having a baby, fast food is the easiest and most convenient thing to eat.

That’s why meal prepping is going to be your best bet. Prep healthy, whole foods filled with nutrients for the week or even weeks by freezing them. However, if you do need to get something quick and easy, just about every fast food joint has a healthier selection.

Wendys has some of the best chicken salads I’ve had. And Taco Bell has a meal called the ‘chicken power bowl’ that I love to get when I need something quick but not super unhealthy.

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7. Cook At Home

I said this multiple times already but out of all the postpartum weight loss tips, cooking at home is going to be one of the best ways to stay on top of your weight loss. When you go out to eat, restaurants tend to pour loads of salt on every dish and you’re more likely to overeat.

8. Eat High-Protein Meals

Protein is an essential macronutrient for your body in terms of building and repairing. Eating protein-filled meals have several different benefits as well such as reducing your appetite, increasing lean muscle, boosting your metabolism while increasing your body’s fat-burning abilities, reducing your cravings, and more.

9. Sleep

You need to sleep to recover. And you need sleep to reduce your overall stress levels in your body so it doesn’t lead to weight gain.

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    10. Reduce Stress

    When your body is under a lot of stress, it releases a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol promotes weight gain by stimulating fat and carbohydrate metabolism and insulin release that leads to an increase in appetite (stress eating) ultimately leading to weight gain. Another crazy thing about cortisol is that researchers have shown that it causes fat deposition around the abdominal area which is one of the hardest areas to burn.

    11. Workout

    Working out has never hurt anyone. There’s a clear reason why people work out. It not only aids in weight loss but also helps clear your mind and releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins are what give you a good positive feeling in your body.

    12. Do Cardio

    Doing your cardio is going to help the stubborn fat around your abdominal area. Weight lifting is important to get nice and toned. But you also want to incorporate cardio or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises.

    13. Don’t Skip Breakfast

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you eat a nice, well-balanced breakfast, then you’re less likely to overeat throughout the day. I try to eat at an upside-down triangle if I can’t eat the same meals each day. And what I mean by an upside-down triangle is eating a bigger breakfast and tapering down throughout the day so I don’t eat a huge dinner before bed.

    14. Reduce Carbonated Drink Intake

    The goal for losing weight and promoting a healthier lifestyle is not only to burn fat. But it’s also to make your stomach smaller (literally). When you eat smaller portions long-term, your stomach shrinks and makes it harder to eat a huge meal.

    Drinking carbonated drinks expands your stomach which isn’t necessarily going to help with weight loss.

    15. Don’t Think About It

    Don’t focus too hard on “dieting”. Instead, just eat healthily. Take it day by day. Treat yourself to treats now and then and don’t make your postpartum weight loss journey miserable.

    If you had a bad week where you at one too many desserts, missed a workout, or had two too many drinks you shouldn’t have- accept it for what it is and move forward. Learn from every food choice you decide to make and continue to better yourself.

    Final Thoughts On Postpartum Weight Loss Tips

    I hope these postpartum weight loss tips help you on your weight loss journey. And have answered some of your weight loss questions you might’ve had. Let me know what your thoughts on this blog post were in the comments below!

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