15 Easy Ways To Drink More Water

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There are so many benefits to drinking more water which is why I put together 15 ways to drink more water.

Some facts you may or may not know is that our body is made up of 60% water. And if you struggle to drink the recommended amount of water – you’re not alone!

The average person struggles to drink the daily recommended amount of water which is at least 13 cups for men, 9 cups for women, 10 cups for pregnant women, and 12 cups for breastfeeding women.

Benefits Of Drinking More Water

The benefits of drinking more water may be very appealing to you so let me share some with you!

Here are some things drinking more water helps with:

  • weight loss
  • clearer skin
  • regular bowel movement
  • prevent headaches
  • increase good mood
  • promote healthy hair
  • minimize hair loss (especially for moms going through postpartum)

Other good reads about postpartum hair loss – How To Stop Postpartum Hair Loss And Promote New Hair Growth Fast and Solutions To Post Pregnancy Hair Loss That Work.

How Water And Weight Loss Are Connected

Medical News Today goes over several links between water and weight loss. And here are some main points on how water affects weight loss that I thought you’d appreciate!

  • works as a natural appetite suppressant
  • is a necessity to burning stored fat and carbohydrates
  • helps reduce your overall liquid calorie intakes like drinking juice, soda, or other sugary beverages
  • helps remove waste from your body because built-up waste is what makes you feel big and bloated

Easy Ways To Drink More Water

Some reasons you might have a difficult time drinking water is because water isn’t easily accessible, you get too busy to drink water, or you might just not like the taste of it! Whatever the reason may be, I have a solution for you.

1. Add Crystal Light

Crystal Light or MiO is the best way to add some flavor to water. Some of my favorite flavors are sweet tea, peach mango green tea, and lemonade.

It makes it easier for you to drink more water especially if you’re not so fond of the taste of water! I also love that there are low calorie and zero sugar Crystal Light packets.

2. Add fresh fruits

drink more water add fruit

Cut up lemons, cucumber, limes, fresh strawberries, blueberries, grapefruit, oranges, any fruit you like and put in a water bottle or a pitcher of water to give it flavor. There are fruit infused water bottles that help separate the two so that your fruits don’t fall apart in the water.

3. Set an alarm on your phone.

You’re probably used to setting alarms for work, to take your birth control, or whatever else it may be. It’s a great way to remind you to do something.

So setting an alarm to drink water can help you prioritize this healthy habit. Set it for every hour or whichever way works best for your schedule.

4. Add water to your morning routine.

Take your vitamins and medication in the mornings. That way you can drink a full 8oz glass of water to jumpstart your day!

5. Buy a water bottle.

drink more water bottle

I have a 50oz water bottle with a straw that helps me get in over 100oz of water a day. I’m easily able to track this because I refill it two or three times a day.

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6. Fill your fridge up with plastic water bottles.

If you’re not about that refilling-your-water-bottle life, then get a case of plastic water bottles to fill your fridge up with. And keep at least one or two in your bag!

7. Put a note on your fridge as a reminder.

I have a dry erase board on my fridge to remind myself of random things. It’s a great form of visual reminder.

8. Drink water before other beverages.

Similar to the one-to-one rule where you drink one glass of water with a glass of an alcoholic drink – have a glass of water before you drink anything else.

9. Have an accountability partner.

Pick a friend that can keep you accountable to drink more water. You two could create a tally on your notes app. The key thing is to be very honest!

10. Drink water before each meal.

Sip some water before each meal. It’ll make you fulland less likely to overeat. This will help with weight loss over time!

11. Dilute other drinks with water.

Add water to your juice or Gatorade. It might not taste the same but it’s another way to drink more water in and aid in weight loss.

12. Drink herbal tea.

herbal teal drinking more water

Herbal tea is made from water. Very similar to adding flavors to your water, drinking herbal tea will also help you reach your water intake.

13. Reward yourself weekly.

Reward yourself for drinking water with a cheap reward like a Frappuccino from Starbucks!

14. Invest in a marked water bottle.

Need a visual reminder? Get a water bottle that keeps you accountable.

15. End your day with water.

Make it a habit to have a glass of water before bed. Write on a sticky notepad to remind yourself to drink your water!

Drink More Water

Hopefully these 15 ways to drink more water helps you reach your daily water intake. There’s no magical pill or weight loss drink like water.

Need additional information on why you should drink your water? Read Why Is Water Important? 16 Reasons to Drink Up.

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