The Only Hair Growth Tips You Need To Know

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In this blog post I’m going to share all of my hair growth tips. I get asked all the time “what’s your secret?”. Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise but there is no secret to hair growth.

It comes down to taking the best vitamins for hair growth, the most nutritious food for hair growth, and of course the best products for hair growth that’s going to stimulate blood flow from the scalp down!

hair growth tips

I have very long, thick, and healthy hair. But this didn’t happen over night. A few years ago, I chopped all of my hair off.

It grew back some. Then I bleached it and damaged my hair. So guess what I had to do again? Chop it back off!

Then I had a baby (or 3) and went through postpartum hair loss where I lost so much hair. And it wasn’t hair loss in even places but around my temples and in patches.

My hair has been through a lot. It wasn’t a straight shot journey like the kind where I just tell you that I’ve had long, luscious hair my entire life – the end.

I actually went through a lot of trial and error, lots of products that failed me and brought my successfully healthy hair, and lots of experimenting on other hair growth tips I got on Pinterest.

Now that I’ve been through enough phases of hair growth and hair loss, I feel like I’m credible enough to share all of my hair growth tips and secrets!

Secret But Not-So-Secret Hair Growth Tips

1. Conditioner

You need to condition your hair every single time you get it wet. I used to skip conditioning all the time and my hair would reflect my poor habit.

You ALWAYS need to condition your hair. “Well it makes my hair greasy”. It might be because you’re conditioning too close to your scalp and not so much on your ends. It’s also important to use the right conditioner for your hair! The more expensive a conditioner is not always the better.

2. Leave-in-conditioner

I’ve used a lot of different brands of leave-in-conditioners. Some have been an oil texture and others were a creamy texture.

I personally use both! Right after I wash and condition my hair, I spray my hair with my Pravana leave-in conditioner and lather the ends with SheaMoisture Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner.

A little goes a long way so these products will last a while.

3. Hair growth serum

When I was going through my hair growing process, I heard about castor oil and its benefits for hair growth. Like actual castor oil from a bottle.

But castor oil was tough to get out of my hair no matter how much I shampooed my hair. It left my scalp and hair looking like I had not washed my hair in weeks. And it didn’t smell good either.

I came across Oh Hey Mama Hair hair serum on Instagram. I was pretty skeptical at first but their before and after pictures along with customer testimonials seemed convincing.

Come to find out, those testimonials and reviews were not lying.

I had new hair growth sprouting around the bald patches around my temples from postpartum hair loss. It didn’t leave my hair gross and greasy like other products even after washing it out. I stand by this product and have used it religiously during every postpartum hair loss phase. It is no lie one of the best products for hair growth.

They were generous enough to let me share a discount code with my readers. Use code ‘liftingmotherhood‘ to get a discount on your entire purchase!

4. Hair masque

Doing hair masques once in a while is a really good way to reset your hair. It helps to deep condition your hair that normal conditioners and leave-in conditioners can’t do. And it’ll leave your hair feeling silky smooth.

5. Vitamins

I used to be a vitamin junkie. And used to take 493029439028 different vitamins (not really but close enough).

The best vitamins for hair growth are biotin, prenatals (or women’s one a day), and collagen powder by Vital Proteins.

6. Jaw clip

Stop putting your hair up in those high and tight ponytails if you’re trying to grow your hair out. This is especially for postpartum moms that are losing hair around the temple. It puts a lot of stress on your hair follicles when you tie your hair tightly.

Trade those hair ties in for a jaw clip or big comfy scrunchies you can tie your hair in a loose, low bun or ponytail.

7. Silk pillowcase

I always heard to lay your head on silk pillowcases. And that’s because it reduces friction compared to a normal pillowcase which also leads to less breakage.

8. Use a wide-tooth comb

Bristle brushes can break your hair whereas wide-tooth comb helps detangle your hair with reduced friction and breakage. I also just found it much easier to comb through my hair with it!

Lifestyle Hair Growth Tips

hair growth journey

1. Drink a lot of water

You’re probably so tired of hearing this by now but drinking water is essential for healthy hair, skin, and body.

Think of it this way. You’re washing away all of the toxins built up in your body and giving nutrients to your body it needs to grow healthy hair and promote healthier clearer skin.

I LOVE this 50oz water bottle that I drink my water from at home. I am constantly refilling it throughout the day so I know I’m getting more than adequate amount of water.

2. Get adequate sleep

You need sleep. It’s time your body uses to restore, recover, and replenish! If you have trouble sleeping like I do, I highly recommend melatonin gummies.

3. Stop stressing

In addition to getting adequate sleep, minimize your stressors. Completely stopping yourself from stress may be a little impossible to do especially when you feel like you can’t catch up with your life. But, try to relax. Take deep breaths, eliminate extra tasks that aren’t a priority, delegate tasks with your partner, get in a good exercise, and let go of things that are not in your control.

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4. Be patient

You have to give it time. And the hardest part about being patient and playing the waiting game is trying not to do anything crazy to your hair in the meanwhile. Don’t bleach, don’t cut!

5. Create a routine

Create a hair growth routine or regimen and take it day by day. Make it a routine to apply leave in conditioner every time you get out of the shower.

6. Stay consistent

Just like everything else in life, you need to be consistent. I think out of these hair growth tips, this is the most difficult.

7. Stop doing unnecessary stuff to your hair

We are all guilty of this. Don’t bleach your hair, don’t dye your hair, and don’t cut your hair if you don’t need to. And if you need a trim, ask for a MICRO-TRIM.

I get my ends dusted about twice a year. If you’re not applying heat, bleaching your hair, and making sure you condition it, then there shouldn’t be much reason for super regular trims.

And don’t put so much heat on your hair. I rarely straighten, blow dry, or curl my hair because I know how badly it damages it.

8. Eat nutritious meals

Eating healthy will help you grow healthy hair. Eat foods high in protein like meats, chicken, eggs, fish, and more.

Some of the best food for hair growth are eggs, berries, spinach, fatty fish like salmon, sweet potatoes, avocados, nuts, and seeds.

How fast does hair actually grow?

Hair grows about 1/2 inch per month on average which is about 6 inches of hair per year. But you can grow upwards of an inch each month or as little as a centimeter.

This heavily depends on the person, their lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress levels), and if they’re taking supplements for hair growth.

Does cutting your hair actually make your hair grow out quicker?

Cutting your hair is not going to make your hair grow faster or more. I realized this when I was getting regular trims and was wondering why my hair was still the same length.

Take good care of your hair by applying my hair growth tips and you won’t need to get regular trims. The less often you get a hair cut, the longer your hair will be!

In Conclusion

I hope you see good results with my hair growth tips! Don’t forget to share this post!

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