The Ultimate Annual New Year’s Resolution List For Moms

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I used to not be a new year’s resolution list type of gal. Because I felt like I was just setting myself up for failure. And not to mention, I felt like the whole saying, “new year, new me” was way overrated.

But I decided to jump back on the new year’s resolution list wagon this year. Since last year was one wild ride (hello pandemic 2020), I wanted to put together a new year’s resolution list that can be used any year, specifically for moms that could benefit from the tips below.

21 Ways To Bring In The New Year

What better way to kick off the new year with a new mindset and an action plan to keep you accountable! Let me share some tips with you!

1. Create an action plan.

What I like to do the first week of every new year, is to create an action plan. I don’t always keep myself accountable but I think I get better each year.

Grab a piece of paper and pencil and get ready to jot down some short-term and long-term goals. Or pull up your notes app.

Creating an action plan is the easy part. However, keeping yourself accountable and staying organized is the difficult part. Therefore, having it written on paper or somewhere on your phone (or laptop) can help you look back at the goals you set yourself in the beginning of the year.

Some examples of a new year’s resolution action plan list could be:

  • reducing your screen time (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • getting out of the house more by yourself
  • walking your dogs a set amount of time (weekly, monthly)
  • losing an x amount of weight

And the list goes on depending on what your goals are.

2. Be in the moment.

I’ve struggled with this particular new year’s resolution for years. Being in the moment is not always easy when we’re constantly living in chaos.

One way to enjoy and be in the moment is by eliminating all distractions, including your thoughts and stressors (at least for the moment).

Don’t worry about anything else but what’s right there and then. Be in the present and don’t look forward or backward.

3. Spend less time on electronics.

Uh. I remember when my brother and I used to play “quicksand” by throwing pillows down on the floor to jump on, riding on my red wagon pulled by my chocolate labrador, spending all of the daylight outside, and catching fireflies at night.

And now, I feel like I consume the majority of my days and nights on my phone, laptop, tablet, and staring at my 65-inch television.

Although I do a lot of work online and managing my social media accounts, I want to eliminate “extra” wasted time on electronics and get in touch with mother nature.

4. Prioritize getting active.

Getting fit and working out is probably on a lot of people’s new year’s resolution list, every single year.

There’s no need to set unrealistic fitness goals like no carbs for x amount of weeks, losing 10 pounds per week, or whatever crazy, unhealthy goals people like to set for themselves.

Just make it a habit to get moving. Whether it’s going for a walk with your baby, joining an online Zumba class, going to the gym 2 times a week, just prioritize being active.

5. Drink more water.

Drinking an adequate amount of water can directly affect your mood. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate! It not only affects your mood but it clears up your skin, promotes hair growth, and helps with weight loss.

6. Take a daily shower.

I know you know how good it feels to take a nice, hot shower (*insert drool face emoji). And I know you know how difficult it can be to take showers especially in the first few months of your baby’s life.

Taking a shower takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Incorporate daily showers into your morning or evening routine.

Wait until you put your baby down to sleep at night, ask your partner or friend to watch your baby so you can take a quick shower, bring your baby In the bathroom with you in their jumper or bouncer, or take one during their nap.

7. Ditch unhealthy habits.

We’re adults here. And we know right from wrong and healthy from unhealthy.

Write down all of your unhealthy habits and actively try to eliminate or minimize them. It’s going to take some time and effort but you’ll reap the benefits.

8. Leave the house more.

I should probably add “alone” at the end. But I know it’s not always feasible. So try to leave the house more with or without your baby or kids. Sometimes a change in environment can really make a difference.

Go to the park, take a stroll around the neighborhood, go to the store, or just drive around town.

9. Ask your partner or friend to watch your baby.

I’m so guilty of this. Because I literally hate asking anyone to watch my daughter. Not even my own mother!

This is something I want to personally work on this year. I want to be able to leave the house by myself and get a fresh breath of air. And I want to be able to enjoy it and not panic every minute I’m away from my daughter.

10. Create a mini bucket list.

Who said a bucket list had to be something insane? It doesn’t always have to be skydiving and going on a hot air balloon ride.

Make a bucket list to go roller-skating with your kids, going to a nearby aquarium, or building an epic snowman.

11. Sleep more.

Sleeping more should be on every mom’s new year’s resolution list.

Working moms, moms who work at home, stay-at-home-moms, first-time moms, moms of multiples, single moms, all moms need more sleep.

There are so many health benefits of getting more sleep. Spend less time on your phone at night, turn off the show you’ve been binge-watching, and sleep earlier than your usual bedtime. Read more about the health benefits of getting more sleep.

12. Change your mindset.

Stop thinking you can’t. And believe that you can.

We tend to sit behind our phones staring at everyone else lives their best life wondering why we can’t live their life or how they’re making the money to do what they do. It starts by changing your mindset. If they can do it, YOU most certainly can too.

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13. Set daily goals.

Small steps lead to big changes. How are you going to read those long-term goals if you’re not actively doing anything about it each day?

We have a dry erase board in our kitchen and I like to start my day off with a cup of coffee and writing down a to-do list for the day. My to-do list includes things I want to accomplish by the end of the day.

I don’t always accomplish all of my goals for the day because life does happen. However, it keeps me organized and helps me stay on track throughout the day.

14. Create a realistic routine.

Realistic is the keyword there. I used to create these crazy, unrealistic routines that ultimately led me to burn out.

Keep your routine simple that you know you can continue to do every day for a whole year. And then modify some parts of it like adding or changing something the days you work, have appointments, or anything else that might come up.

15. Incorporate vitamins.

This may sound weird but incorporating vitamins have helped me set my routine for the past couple of years.

No matter how early I have or had to wake up, I always started off the day taking my vitamins and drinking a cup of coffee.

And now if I somehow forget to take my vitamins, something feels missing and my routine is thrown off.

16. Stress less.

Yeah, it’s way easier said than done. But I never said don’t stress at all. Just make it a habit not to stress about things that are not in your control.

Or better yet, create an action plan (step number 1) to get it done and to move forward.

Want to know how stress affects your body (a diagram of the body and the effects of stress)? Read this.

17. Clean up your social media accounts.

You and I both know that social media can be a real self-esteem killer. It can bring you down and become detrimental to your mental health.

But it’s also a great way to connect with people just like yourself all over the world.

What I mean by cleaning up your social media accounts is to unfollow and defriend people that are not helping you love yourself. Unfollow and defriend anyone (even celebrities you may follow on Instagram) that don’t help your mental health.

This is applicable in real life. Stop being friends with people that drag you down. But surround yourself in real life and in the cyber world with like-minded people that help you better yourself.

18. Turn your hobbies into a career.

Just last year, you would’ve never caught me saying this. Because I was always skeptical about how people made a living (and WAY more) by turning their hobbies into their lifelong career.

I did my research and it’s safe to say you TOTALLY can. Make this one of your goals on your new year’s resolution list.

With our advanced technology, everyone living on their phones and tablets, no wonder how influencers and entrepreneurs are making millions.

You truly can do anything you set your mind to.

19. Get a side hustle.

Maybe you have a 9-5 job that you absolutely enjoy. But you need some coffee and going out to eat funds.

Get a side hustle. Make some crafts or digital prints and put them up on Etsy. There are so many Youtube tutorials for anything and everything you could possibly think of.

20. Write in a journal.

It’s old-school but highly effective. I used to write in my diary every night before going to bed. And I looked forward to it each night because it was refreshing and I could go back to it and read what I was going through that day.

Sometimes you may feel alone. And a journal or a diary might be just what you need to pour everything out on.

21. Love yourself.

Most importantly, love yourself. You are important. You absolutely matter. And you are very much cared about.

Living in a world filled with cosmetic enhancements, we tend to steer away from the true definition of beauty. It’s not what’s on the outside but it’s what on the inside.

Happy New Year

We only live one life so make the most of it. Do what makes your heart happy and let’s bring in 2021 with a new mindset!

Rachel at Pearl and Style shares some other great ideas to bring in the new year. Read 5 Remarkable Things You Need To Do For a Better New Year.

I hope this New Year’s resolution list was helpful in your endeavors this new year.

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  1. These are such great ideas. I def need to work on #8 and leave the house more. My oldest even asks to go on car rides at this point lol. I think it is a great mood booster.

  2. Some great ideas and positive motivation! I think setting goals can definitely help you move forward. I had to chuckle at the “take a daily shower” because it is so TRUE! Ha! Mom life!

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