Healthy Diet Tips And Game Changing Eating Habits To Lose Weight Long-Term

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Losing weight is definitely no easy task. And it can be especially hard with all of the saturated content on healthy diet tips out there. But that’s why I wanted to create a blog post that is super straightforward and game changing eating habits you can implement now to lose weight long-term.

Some of the healthy diet tips I go over in this post might be something you are currently doing. But the other diet tips might be exactly what you need to lose that stubborn fat you’ve been longing to lose.

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11 Healthy Diet Tips

1. Switch out sugary snacks for fruits

There’s a huge difference between processed or refined sugar vs natural sugar. Natural sugars are digested much slower than processed sugar which makes you feel fuller longer. And since your body metabolizes natural sugars much slower, it doesn’t cause your insulin and blood sugar to skyrocket (which can be really bad).

2. Replace soda with carbonated water

Carbonated water or sparkling water provides true hydration whereas soda doesn’t. And there’s also a huge caloric difference as carbonated water typically has close to 0 calories, if not none at all. As you already know, soda has a ton of sugar.

3. Plan and pack your meals

When you plan out your meals throughout the day, you’re less likely to grab fast food and binge eat. Create a meal plan, stick to it, and pack your meals for the day so you avoid eating excess calories that are going to ultimately make you gain unwanted weight.

One of my favorite quotes from Benjamin Franklin that I always think of when I get lazy meal prepping and planning is, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail“. Just think about that and motivate yourself to succeed in your weight loss journey or fitness journey!

4. Eat more nuts

According to Nourish by WebMD, several studies have shown that eating small amounts of nuts has helped people dieting lose weight because of the fiber and protein that keeps them feel full for much longer. Due to this effect that nuts have, you’re less likely to overeat and be more successful at losing weight.

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5. Drink more water to stay “full”

Water is essentially the “magic pill” everyone who’s seeking to lose weight is searching for. And to clarify, there isn’t a magic pill (that’s safe anyway) that will wipe all of your weight and stubborn fat away.

But there is water. And water has zero calories, keeps you full which reduces your appetite, helps you stay hydrated, and also increases your metabolism. Get yourself a big watter jug to keep you accountable throught the day.

6. Switch out simple carbs for complex carbs

Similar to refined sugar vs natural sugar, the body metabolizes simple carbs way quicker which causes your insulin to spike and blood sugar to skyrocket (remember that’s a bad thing). Whereas, complex carbs help you stay fuller longer and keeps your insulin levels steady.

Some examples of complex carbs are sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, beans and more.

7. Count your calories

Counting calories is one of many saturated healthy diet tips that you shouldn’t ignore but also not obsess about. Calories should be used more as a guideline and to help you make healthier choices in your diet.

And always remember to think about the nutritional values behind those calories. There’s a huge difference between eating a small bag of chips that equals about 300 calories vs eating a greek yogurt pack and a banana equal to 300 calories.

8. Limit the amount of sugary foods you eat

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally treating yourself. But when you treat yourself too often, then it becomes counterproductive to your weight loss goals. And when you do decide to treat yourself, be mindful of how much of it you are eating and don’t go overboard.

9. Throw away junk food

You’re more likely to eat unnecessary calories if they’re at your convenience. So toss all of your junk food including chips, cookies, soda, ice cream, and other junk food. And replace them with whole foods and whole-grain snacks.

One of my favorite healthy snacks to eat are fresh fruits and apple slices dipped in crunchy peanut butter. Read my list of healthy snack ideas!

10. Make food at home

When you prepare your meals at home, you know exactly how much salt and oils you’re adding to your food. But when you go out to eat, you don’t know the amount of oil, how much salt, and other factors that go into preparing meals they are using in the kitchen.

Although olive oil is healthier than vegetable and canola oil, it’s important to know that it too has calories, and using too much can add up. Therefore, using PAM spray is a healthier alternative for when you cook.

11. Eat more eggs

Meals high in protein keep you full longer which in turn helps you eat snacks less and eat less. Eggs are one of the best things to eat because they’re high in protein and also a lean protein option (meaning there’s less fat not like pork).

12. Choose healthier options

I’m not telling you that if you want to lose weight then you are forbidden to go out to eat. But if you’re serious about making the change to a healthier lifestyle, you need to make healthier options.

When you do go out to eat, choose meals high in protein and fewer carbs. Or choose a chicken salad. You know what foods are high in fat, calories, and what foods you should probably avoid. So always do your best to make the right food choices that are going to only help your personal fitness journey.

Or sign up for fresh food services that deliver healthy food right to your door,

13. Limit alcohol intake

Alcohol contains empty calories, meaning there is zero nutritional value to them. And when you’re intoxicated, you’re more likely to make poor food choices (hello Taco Bell).

Curious about other ways alcohol affects your body? Read this article here.

14. Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating while not specifying what foods to eat but rather when to eat them.

3 of the most popular intermittent fasting patterns are the 16/8 method where you fast for 16 hours and have an eating period of 8 hours. Another one is the Eat-Stop-Eat method where you fast for 24 hours once or twice a week (although I highly don’t recommend this route).

And the last popular intermittent fasting pattern is the 5:2 diet where you only eat 500 to 600 calories on two consecutive days of the week and eat a normal diet the other 5 days.

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    15. Portion control

    This is where most people go wrong with their eating habits. We tend to overeat instead of eating a well-balanced, portioned meal.

    Even when you’re having the occasional sweet tooth, as long as you’re eating it in moderation and a small portion, it’s not going to hurt you.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you use one or a mix of these healthy diet tips I went over in this post, it’s important to incorporate exercise with diet to maximize your weight loss results. And always remember a little each day adds up to big results.

    So just because you don’t see the results you want overnight or even a few weeks, that doesn’t mean you aren’t building yourself up for amazing results in the long run. Thanks for reading!

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