6 Hamstring, Glute, And Lower Body Workout You Need To Incorporate

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Lower body exercises are my favorite to work out, specifically hamstrings, and glutes. It’s probably because it’s challenging and I love the results I get from working out my lower body. Feeling sore the next morning and the next few days after a lower body workout is one of the most rewarding feelings.

lower body workout
Gym selfie or it didn’t happen (kidding of course)

It’s important to make sure your OB gives you the green light before adding intense lower body workouts into your routine. And depending on the kind of delivery you had, it could range from 6 to 8 weeks or even longer.

Key Components To This Lower Body Workout

Before you dive into these exercises, I want to go over some things to be mindful of. Because you know, safety first and you want to make sure you’re optimizing your exercises to target those specific lower body muscles.

  • Form FIRST. Meaning DO NOT perform these exercises until you have successfully performed the range of motion with your body weight. It’s okay to practice these movements without any weights and working your way up.
  • Squeeze your butt cheeks together as ugly as you can for 3 FULL seconds. You are activating more muscle fiber for growth by holding that squeeze position. You’ll feel the difference when you squeeze versus when you don’t.
  • Count out loud if you need to. Nice, slow, and steady. For example, I’ll count “1, 2, 3 and 2, 2, 3, and 3, 2, 3” when I’m at the squeezing point during each rep. And I’ll go up to 12 or 15 reps like “12, 2, 3” or “15, 2, 3”.
  • Our bodies are ALL created differently. This means our muscles are of different lengths. How far I stretch down in each of these exercises is determined by how long or short my muscles are. For example, I’ll go down with my weight just right when I hit the sweet spot of tension then go back up.
  • The direction your toes are pointing MATTERS. For future reference toes slightly more outward means you’ll have more support, a better range of motion to squat deeper, and hits more gluteus muscles.

Hamstring and Glute Targeting Exercises

1. Stiff-Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts 3×15

How to:

  • Feet slightly closer than shoulder-width apart
  • Place the balls of your feet inclined on a plate (do not do this unless you are an experienced weight lifter). Start off feet flat on the ground then work your way up.
  • Knees NOT locked in but slightly bent
  • Nice and steady with back straight, lean forward with the kettlebell
  • Stop at the “sweet spot” where you feel the tension in your hamstrings
  • Nice and steady-going back up
  • Tuck your butt cheeks in, squeeze, make it ugly, and hold for 3 FULL seconds
  • Then repeat

2. Single Leg Dumbbell Deadlift Wall Assisted 3×10 (each leg)

How to:

  • This exercise works your balance and core as well
  • Place one foot against the wall
  • Place other foot flat on the ground
  • The foot that’s on the ground, slightly bend that knee
  • With the opposite arm, grab a dumbbell (or start off with no weights)
  • Nice and steady lean forward with back straight until you feel the tension in your hamstring of the leg with your foot on the ground
  • Then repeat

3. Barbell Hip Thruster 3×12

How to:

  • You absolutely do not have to perform this exercise with a barbell and weights. If you don’t have a workout bench available, you can lay flat on the ground. Legs apart until you feel tension with the band. Balls of your feet more toward your body, thrust up and squeeze, then go back down and repeat. I’ll post an ALL band workout demonstrating this. I highly recommend ordering bands!
  • Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart (until you feel tension from the bands)
  • Feet not too far away from you. I like my feet slightly close to my body to be able to have better control over my glute and hamstrings.
  • Thrust up and squeeze for 3 full seconds
  • Nice and steady-going back down
  • Then repeat

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4. Jefferson Squat 3×10 (each leg)

How to:

  • ATTENTION: This is a difficult exercise. Skip this exercise until you’ve got your squat form down.
  • Place one of your feet in an “L” shaped position with the heels of your feet aligned
  • Squat down with your glutes tensed
  • Nice and steady go up MAKING SURE to keep the bar straight
  • Tuck your butt cheeks in making it look as ugly as possible
  • Squeeze for 3 full seconds
  • Perform 10 reps for one leg
  • Then switch sides and repeat

5. Goodmornings 3×12

How to:

  • It’s important not to place the barbell on your spine (a beginner’s mistake I made). Place the barbell on the “padding” of your shoulder/back.
  • Feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointing forward
  • Lean in with your back straight until you feel the tension in your hamstrings
  • Nice and steady go back up and squeeze for 3 full seconds
  • Then repeat

6. Dumbbell Stiff-Legged Deadlift

How to:

  • This exercise is VERY similar to the kettlebell stiff-leg deadlifts and the good mornings.
  • Shoulder-width apart
  • Toes pointing forward
  • Make sure the balls of your feet are flat on the ground by pointing your toes upward
  • Bend at your hips until you feel the tension in your hamstrings
  • Nice and steady go back up and squeeze for 3 full seconds
  • Then repeat

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, my step-by-step instructions weren’t too confusing! This lower body workout is for sure going to make you sore. And make sure you replenish those muscles by eating a high protein meal, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water.

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